What do you define as a band of brothers? Some call it a gun club, some call it a mafia of some sort. It’s even been described as a cult. The United States Marine Corps is truly a band of brothers. With the togetherness on the yellow footprints in boot camp, the brotherhood begins and doesn’t end at the end of boot camp. The Marine Corps keeps recruits together through boot camp, and then keeps the same group of Marines together through combat training and schools, and then finally once the new Marines hit the fleet, they are all in the same unit, always reinforcing the cohesion, esprit de corps and brotherhood being together. This plays a significant role as warriors go into combat and look to their right and left and actually know the Marine next to them very well. A vital role in developing the One Team One Fight mentality is developing the teamwork and the Marine brotherhood.

The Bond

I was in the airport one day in Washington DC and a gentlemen approached me and asked if I was a Marine. I thought oh boy here we go this is going to be interesting. I answered Yes Sir I’m a Marine and he introduced himself as a LtCol in the Marine Corps. Then he continued to describe how he had several knives on his possession that he forgot to leave in the car. Of course, I showed him the knife I had with me and we compared notes (it’s a Marine thing). Then he told me that since he couldn’t take them through security that I could have them. I refused and told him to give me his address and I would mail them to him. He did and he caught his flight. Then another gentlemen approached me (yes, then I thought buddy if you only knew how armed I was I doubt you would be talking to me). The second gentlemen said that he had watched what just transpired as he waited to pick up relatives and made the point that you Marines are different that way. An Army “Joe” wouldn’t have done that for another Army soldier. (I disagreed but he continued) He said you Marines have this bond that lasts forever and no matter where you are, two Marines could meet and become the best of friends.


It lasts forever

I was speaking at a convention and followed another Marine speaking before me that had retired in the previous years. When it was my time to speak I began by correcting the announcer as he introduced the previous speaker as “Former Marine LtCol Smith.” I introduced myself and said, just for clarification; LtCol Smith is still a Marine. We don’t have former Marines, Ex-Marines, or any other title that describes us other than Marine. A couple people let out a nervous chuckle but quickly realized I was dead serious.  It’s a title every one of us has earned and by God, we choose to take to the deathbed with us. Feel free to try to strip us of it and we will probably change the way you feel about us in half a heartbeat.


The bond does last forever regardless of the generation or war they fought in or coast they went to boot camp. The Marine brotherhood is a unique bond that usually is boasted about in bars but always demonstrated on the battlefield.

 "The safest place in Korea was right behind a platoon of Marines. Lord, how they could fight!" -MGen. Frank Lowe, US Army

 Regardless of injury or awards, Marines take care of their own. We are the hardest on our fellow Marines when they break the law or screw up and we praise our heroes like no other.

 We were in Afghanistan and a sandstorm was approaching as we called all units to hunker down for the storm as it was a bad one. A patrol from an outside post was coming in to our post but still a couple miles out. A couple minutes later we heard the distinct “Boom.” An IED detonated. You can always identify the sound, even in your sleep. The radio chatter came in and we had a wounded Marine on the convoy from the IED attack.  Within seconds we knew who the Marine was. A few seconds later we also knew his brother was also at this outpost by chance at the same time although in different units. There have been many times I have written parents about their sons being killed. There is something else to tell a Marine his brother was just killed less than 100yards from where we stood. The emotions that transpired on his face changed about every second and every second felt like a lifetime. The bond lasts forever, we are Marines.  

 Time for a CGar, a CGar for the Marines.

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  1. This is all true! The Brotherhood is kind of what I like to call it. My fellow Marines are all like brothers and sisters. We would all truly die for the one next to us in a situation.
    Truly I do miss my brothers!
    Semper Fidelis,
    Perez Studios

  2. those who are not part of it don’t understand it. Being the Mom of a Marine, as well as a Marine’s daughter has allowed me to be part of this family. I can’t claim to be a brother, but I’m honored to be connected. God Bless the US Marines!

  3. The way that I have tried to explain it over the years is that when you spend the time with your brother Marines that you do, the hours of training, being in the field, on board ship, all the b-s of day to day life in The Corps, you develop a bond unlike no other. You make friendships on a level that you won’t see again. Sure, I have friends that never served, but the connection isn’t there. Like I saw on a shirt, a very long time ago, “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand” Pretty much sums it up. Semper Fi.

  4. My son “Gr@ym@n” is on his second tour in the stan, with Army SF, on an “A” team. Basically he went to war with 12 of his closest friends.
    The Army is very different than the Marines. In the Marines, it doesn’t matter what you did (Infantry, Artillery, Armor, etc) it was and is a brotherhood.
    In the Army there are so many cats and dogs outfits, totally unrelated to each other, that the brotherhood there is mainly among similiar units … Airborne, Infantry, Armor, Green Berets. Outside of that it seems to be a “we” and “them” kind of thing.
    I think it is less so among those who serve longer, but it is still there to some degree.
    “Gr@ym@n” is lucky to be where he is. I was lucky to be where I was.
    We are all fortunate that those who came before us … also served.

  5. After the kid graduated boot camp he said “Mom, we were close before – you and dad and I as parents and child. But now… we are brothers.” Watching your kid become one of the few and follow in your footsteps is an amazing thing.
    Though I have been known to call myself a former Marine after someone asked “aren’t you kinda old to be in the military?”. Ouch. 🙂

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