One of my gunfighters shaving while he does his laundry. Hello time management!

They have a couple cans of whoop ass and units have the equipment they need. I have seen pleads from support groups to help get the deployed warriors the gear they need. Trust me, they have everything they need.

Body armour, weapons, food water etc. There are no units suffering logistical support in Afghanistan or Iraq. I have been on the outer edge of the empire on numerous deployments in small out posts and we were taken care of very nicely. Will the combat trains be far and few? Sometimes but remember we are in a war. We might not have had satellite TVs, playstations or DVDs but we had what we needed to fight. So, if you see or are getting requests for out of the ordinary necessities from units deployed, be wary and don’t hesitate to send me the particular unit requesting it. I can validate their request in a half a heartbeat and give you the no shit lowdown.

What might they be requesting?

If you see requests for

  • hygiene gear,
  •  soap
  • Wetwipes
  • canned food (Chef Boy R dee is one of my favorites)
  • zip lock bags,
  • laundry detergent
  • towels
  • white socks
  • hand sanitizer
  • nail clippers
  • hand warmers
  • drink mix (Gatoraide)
  • electric razors (like the one in the above pic from

 and these types of items, then I would agree these are good things to send deployed warriors to make life a little easier.

 You see there are several outposts in country and many bases. The larger bases that have contracted chow hall facilities are considered larger bases. If you ask a deployed servicemember if they have their own chow hall facility that has contracted workers attending it or do they have a chow hall facility manned by their own unit Marines, at their remote outpost you will see the difference. Those manned by their own Marines are eating MREs and have marginal at best rations for meals. Those at larger bases live & eat pretty good and also get a lot of hygiene supplied. Another good barometer is to ask if they have laundry facilities where they are at or do they do their own? Smaller outpost that usually need the most love and are also doing their own laundry where at bigger bases they send it out and get it back in about a week. Doing your own laundry in an ammo/mortar can is very enlightening and 90% of the time I can get it much cleaner than some contracted service and most importantly, none of my clothes get stolen. Always a plus!

How can I make a difference?

You can make a huge difference by checking on one particular site, This is a site that publishes deployed warriors request and updates and allows you to request their addresses.  My recommendation is to check their site, read an interesting update and see particularly what they are requesting. This saves you money and also helps them by receiving exactly what they might need to make life a bit nicer. Now don’t get me wrong killer, if they didn’t receive anything they would be fine and would still kick the crap out of the enemy. However, if you can help them with some basic requested things then great. The last thing we want is for you to put yourself in any financial stress.

 Not sure what to send or cant make up your mind? Simply donate HERE  to help support the cause.

This particular website has assisted me in my deployments and I can tell you first hand that it is like Christmas when you get a care package with some much needed soap or wet wipes. Those saying they don’t get any water, have poor body armour etc are usually blowing things out of proportion a bit which can cause huge issues for the command and gets them unwanted attention. I have never in the multiple combat deployments while located in remote outposts had never seen a warrior not have what he needed. What he needs & wants are often two very different things.  He needs the state of the art body armour that is issued to him. He wants a playstation.

 Your Marines will walk through fire for you if they know you have their backs. If you can’t send a care package, send a post card letting them know you are thinking about them because in the end, they just want your support!

 Time for a Cgar!

 Do you have kids that might be a bit ungrateful that you do their laundry? Have them do it like this for a week, you will get their attention.



  1. Great info, Maj, especially for new supporters. Makes me think back to my early orders for Beanie Babies by the caseload 🙂

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