The military and the super bowl and NFL have had a cordial working relationship for many years. Ok, I have to do a post on it, it can’t be overlooked. With the “shock and awe” of the fly over and the always respectable color guard with each branch represented, you might think the NFL has attempted to remind people that we are at war or simply attempted to give the respect to a country that could use a pat on the back about now.  Do you remember the Super Bowl during the Gulf War? There were American flags throughout the crowd. How many did you see this year.  Oh, and by the way we are at war people.

Did you catch that?

If you were watching the super bowl overseas or on ship in the middle of the ocean you watched the game on the Armed Forces Network and you didn’t get to see the million dollar commercials. Nonetheless, you did get to see what your fellow warriors are doing all over the area of operations and that was probably better than many of the commercials. You also got to see the 3.4 seconds of the fly over (gee whiz) although on time & target, it was the least viewed event during the game. One of the longest sections of the game viewed was the botched National Anthem by Christina Aguilera.

Now call me crazy, but if you are a professional singer/performer and you’re going to get a very large payment as well perform in front of the largest TV audience of the year, wouldn’t you give it your best performance? Some will say, “Ah c’mon Pain… you’re too hard on her.” Perhaps if she was singing in LA in a freak show concert, sure, but the National Anthem?  Nope, sorry cupcake you get no second chances. I 

know young grade school kids that at least know the words . They sing it. They give a big enough shit to memorize it.   I thought before she performed, like every year, ok, is this going to be the one that out does Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem? Nope, not this year. Movie stars (stars used lightly) make all this hub-bub about this and that and draw attention to themselves. Well, when you dork something up you get the shitcloud that goes with it as well. Welcome to the big boy leagues.

The coin toss, Deon Sanders? I remember the NFL saying they were going to have a military representative do the coin toss like last year when the country was at war. Deon? Are you kidding me? Cmon maaaannnn, as the NLF guys like to say.

Is the Super Bowl about the military?

No, it’s about football, American football. However, if you’re going to blow sunshine up our asses during the lead up to SB and tell us (your military) you’re going to do this and that, then freaking do it and for the love of God, fire your entertainment rep for not listening to your National Anthem personnel sing before the main event. “You’re Fired”.  I believe the NFL/SuperBowl event has some serious issues as trends begin to build and the botchery continues.

Watch the previously mentioned video in regards to Whitney Houston and tell me if you got the same feeling from this Super Bowl as you did from that one where Whitney belted out that great song. I bet it’s not the same. Why? We are still at war and there is nothing different. But we let it go as it is a little more transparent now. Why? It’s a bunch of crap and I can tell you those sitting up through the night watching the SB in the middle of Afghanistan noticed the dork up of wording and you might as well have slapped them in the face with a dead fish, especially if we let it go. She was representing the NFL, the Super Bowl and America singing the National Anthem which is seen in 200 countries and territories in 33 languages. The saying “America is not at war, the Marine Corps is at war, America is at the mall” should have the last part changed to America is at the Super Bowl and we don’t want to recognize that we are at war.

Things have changed America since we backed our warriors in the Gulf War and it is showing, especially on the largest crowds on TV. I ask you why? Your warriors haven’t changed in their efforts to protect you, but that’s just One Marine’s View.

 This is how you do a National Anthem

Time for a Cgar!



  1. What an effing embarrassment! I wouldn’t pay her one red cent. It is all about the money and recognition factor for most of these “entertainers”, and the NFL is as responsible as anyone, put your big boy pants on, you screwed the pooch.
    Why were all these people able to attend this event…….because of the people who continually put their life on the line day and day out to protect our freedoms, let’s give them more than a 10 second video clip here and there. Hoo Aah! No disregard intended Major, Semper Fi and thanks for being on point.

  2. Yes, we noticed. Big time. Disgusted beyond words. Our team lost last night. So what. They can try again next year.
    The NFL and America lost an opportunity last night to show respect and honor to that individual man or woman in uniform serving our Republic in time of war while their families serve here at home. Given the uncertainties of life in a combat zone it’s a lost opportunity that should cause the NFL and all of America to hang their heads in shame today.
    Take a look at the generation of Americans I had for role models in my youth growing up in Iowa (the whole country was involved in the war effort)and think about how far we have drifted from our roots as a Republic.
    Keep up the fire, Major. Reading all your post and still with you all 110%.

  3. We noticed the screwups, one and all. Disrespect for the colors and our Anthem. Players, assistants, coaches, sideliners and fans with hats on and hands everywhere but their hearts and not singing. Notice how people idolize this event. Someone else noticed, we believe, because the weather the week before superbowl week was beautiful, but superbowl week was the worst weather in 15 or more years. Millions $ lost. We are at war in more areas than we openly acknowledge. To our beloved Corps, Semper Fi.

  4. It was blasphemy as far as I am concerned. Her excuse was “she was in the moment.” Honey, if you were really “in the moment”, you would have nailed it dead on. Correct lyrics. The song speaks for itself and we don’t need you showing off all your little voice ‘talent’ as far as trills and runs go. Just sing it. How about Trace Adkins doing it one year? Makes me cry every time.
    I did see the camera cut to some of the players and the Army Corp there…absolute disbelief on their faces. Cancel her check.
    As for the Black Eyed Peas at halftime? Really? Is that the time for a political statement you jackasses?

  5. You guys “Get it” and I appreciate the comments. They did show Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta for almost 3 seconds. That’s me counting, one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three to myself and cut camera just as they finished saying his name. If you had no idea who the Medal of Honor recipient was, you still wouldn’t know after watching that. Sad. Yet another opportunity for the NFL to honor our nations heroes. Their grade – Fail. .

  6. OMG you are so right Major. Some people I know also felt like giving her a break on forgetting the lyrics… but why should we? The biggest world audience heard this and she’s a “professional ” singer. Pitiful I say. And as for the
    military being slighted in pretty much the whole affair, another sorry statement. Thankfully the SSG got acknowledged. Heck, now I even want to have a c- gar. JK

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