The weekend has gone to the dogs not the Packers/Steelers. However, one way we can bring them in is supporting a great organization that helps wounded warriors see again and make it through another day with the help of a friend, a four legged friend.  Paws for Patriots is program began with a commitment to provide guide dogs to service men and women who lost their sight as a result of combat injuries. 


What it means

To a warrior that is disabled it means the world. I have had a lot of interaction with dogs and their Marine handlers in combat. One dog I know was a major contributor to a Marine that pulled through his wounds (double amputee) from Afghanistan after his dog was returned to him and brought the extra bond that only our four legged friends can do.


 The bond continues

Southeastern Guide Dogs mission is to create and nurture a partnership between a visually impaired individual and a guide dog, facilitating life's journey with mobility, independence and dignity. If you are a blinded veteran interested in learning more about how you may obtain a guide dog from Southeastern Guide Dogs, please click here.

The guide dog and the training are offered completely free of charge. After graduation, the maintenance of the guide dog becomes the responsibility of the graduate.

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Fallen Marine's Parents Adopt Son's Bomb Dog

Updated: Thursday, 03 Feb 2011, 1:34 PM EST
Published : Thursday, 03 Feb 2011, 7:06 AM EST

SAN ANTONIO – The parents of a U.S. Marine killed in Afghanistan are adopting the bomb-sniffing dog who the military says loyally rushed to their son's side when he was fatally shot.

Darrell and Kathy Rusk were expected to take home Eli on Thursday. The black Labrador is being retired from military service following the death of Pfc. Colton Rusk. The military says the 20-year-old Texan died in December during a gun battle with Taliban fighters.

Rusk was the handler for Eli, who is trained to sniff out explosives. After their son was killed in combat, the Rusks asked the military if they could adopt the dog.

The transfer will take place at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. The base is training headquarters for all dogs used by the U.S. military.


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  1. Colton was in my son’s unit. I am so glad to see Eli go to Colton’s family. There is a picture of Eli lying on Colton’s bed—-he found it first thing.

  2. Awesome Shawna-When I saw the Marine I know after he was initially treated, the first thing he asked was how his doq was. Being a multiple amputee, he had other things to worry about. Shows just how strong the connection is. Semper Fi

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