NFL players helped military heroes this week. During the Super Bowl, players are crazy busy with the media, sponsors and oh yea, getting ready to play the game of their career. I gotta give props to the NFL and on how they took special time to make a difference to returning warriors from Afg and wounded warriors alike.  Not many big time events go to the lengths that the NFL did to recognize and appreciate the military.

Making a difference

Last year the NFL and the military joined up as well “It is a privilege to represent our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen in the coin-toss ceremony,” General Petraeus told American Forces Press Service. ” Additional events in the past included

  • Teams designating home games as special “Military Recognition Games”
  • The Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon performed at halftime for Super Bowl VI in 1972,
  • Air Force Tops in Blue did the same in 1985 for Super Bowl XIX.

In the End

Players will leave the big “D” on Sunday winners or losers. However, in One Marine’s View, I think after this week the ultimate winners that will cherish this experience for a long time will be the warriors who got treated like kings this week.  A big hat tip to the NFL for making a difference and going the extra mile for those that give all if required.

Who will be the winner of the Super Bowl? Tell me in the comments.

Read the DOD article here NFL Continues Military Partnership at Super Bowl

By Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Carden




  1. Local Navy pilots have been tapped to perform a four-plane flyover at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas on Feb. 6, the Navy announced.
    The aircraft and air crews are from Strike Fighter Squadrons 83 (the Rampagers), 131 (the Wildcats), 103 (the Jolly Rogers) and 143 (the Pukin’ Dogs). All are part of Carrier Air Wing Seven and based at Oceana Naval Air Station. The flight will be led by Cmdr. Ben Hewlett, who heads the Wildcats. .
    ahhh but here is the catch…it will be a closed roof ballgame so fans will have to watch the flyover on the jumbo trons. Yes, they are 17ft tall but you paid that much money to watch it on TV???

  2. Go Green Bay!
    Don’t have the stomach for quarterbacks who get to play after heinous behavior that would land Joe Smoo in jail.

  3. Go Steelers!! Old timers Franco Harris and Rocky Blier are very active in the Soldiers Angels organization.Coach Chuck Knoll took a chance on Rocky Blier when he returned from Viet Nam.
    Forget the quarterback and look at the history of this great organization.

  4. Mary Kay – what a thrill to hear that Franco Harris is active with Soldiers’ Angels – he’s been one of my heart throbs FOREVER, and there couldn’t be a more worthy cause than our dedicated Angels. You just made my day. Now if the Steelers can make my Sunday !!!

  5. Sammy, I have had a crush on him as well. He is really a great guy. Patti posted a neat article about him on facebook. Bring out the towels!!!!!!

  6. Ok Church is a scum bag too. I think you you could find those on any NFL team. Brett Favre, Lawrence Taylor and Michael Vick to name a few. Sad but true.

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