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I don’t know about you but I start my morning off with a pot of black coffee and a nice stoagy to get the motor running. Knowing that sleep is a crutch I figure the dynamic duo of the two kick start formulas will ward off any jack assery that will raise its head in the hours to come. The coffee is to fill my veins and the cigar smoke is a natural idiot repellent.

While enjoying a cup of “joe” I read “Where the Stars Are for Super Bowl XLV”. BLUF (bottom line upfront) it’s a whose who in the zoo that will be attending the Super Bowl events. Just once I would love to see our priorities in somewhat “one bag”.  There was this event where the remaining MOH recipients or their spouses were in one place. Talk about a unique event, an event that could make a difference to a young American perhaps with their life not necessarily in order yet or direction established. I was at this event and I can tell you it was something. Why hasn’t anyone done anything like this in the Super Bowl? I know, there are some out there saying “there are heroes out there that are never recognized besides the MOR recipients”. Got it, and your preaching to the choir.  I just reference them because 80% of Americans don’t know that and when you reference the MOH heroes they may know what I’m talking about (they heard about it from their kids video game).
However, if you want to kick on the boosters for a country that could use an event that has people at home actually watching the half time event and nodding their head and agreeing as their heroes of this country has were recognized, then think of another plan. We have a Commandant of the Marine Corps message at every Marine Corps ball. Usually it’s a short, to the point message that inspires, motivates and gives you that chill up your spine after the room erupts as it’s finished. You know the feeling, kinda like you feel when the group “Black Eye Peas” performs…Not. What if every corporation that bought a multi-million dollar commercial also sponsored an American hero? What if like that of the Commandants message they simply took 10 min out of the 30 minute superbowl half and did a motivating combination of One Marines View “Hero’s Call”??? Now you’re talking. A quick attention holding in your face blast of Americana! I bet that 10 min would be watched and talked about the following Monday morning at work.  Lets see, 10 min of motivation and education that shares the critical events of the country’s service members and a small can of whoop ass or would you rather watch the first 10 seconds of the Black Eye peas concert at half time where they jam 50 of their newest hits in 3.4 minutes?  Tough one I know but some 17 year old reading this is saying Id rather watch the Black Eyed Peas (my point exactly).
Despite the idea of a bunch of nut jobs jumping around on a stage along with so much pyrotechnics no one will be able to hear them to include us at home, “ I got a  feeling” that a few of this country’s warriors displayed on the Dallas Cowboys Jumbotron and a combination of  THIS and a few low flybys would leave a greater impact on those watching. Call me crazy but I’m just saying. Then again, the “stars” that will be in “big D” I guess are more “glamorous” than Staff Sergeant  Salvatore, Staff Sergeant Miller or the like….(sad).  So there you go corporate America, I’ve thrown out the gauntlet. If you got any nads, dedicate your million dollar Super Bowl advertisement to the recognition of your countries heroes (bet they dont even mention them), or you can be posers like the Black Eye Peas. Any takers? Think about that while I put a second pot of joe on, then again, I’ll grab another CGar as well, you will probably be awhile….cricket, cricket…


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