R_lee  Another week is just about done. How have you done in regards to this?  Did you make any gains this week? What challenges did you overcome that you didn’t think you were going to?

General Franks in his book spoke about how he would write on one side of an index card five challenges he thought he would encounter the next day and before he went to sleep he would write possible solutions to those challenges on the other side of the card.

This is a great way to get thinking about upcoming stressful issues or problems and at least begin to establish a plan to attack them. If you don’t have a plan you are in trouble and if you don’t have a back up plan you may get into deeper trouble than you ever thought possible. Always have a plan “B”.


Be looking for those opportunities to excel and be aggressive at what ever you are doing. But if you original plans sink like a rock, pull yourself up (don’t be looking for the pity freaking train) and get back on the horse.

 As a young man, Abraham Lincoln went to war a captain and returned a private. Afterwards, he was a failure as a businessman. As a lawyer in Springfield, he was too impractical and temperamental to be a success. He turned to politics and was defeated in his first try for the legislature, again defeated in his first attempt to be nominated for congress, defeated in his application to be commissioner of the General Land Office, defeated in the senatorial election of 1854, defeated in his efforts for the vice-presidency in 1856, and defeated in the senatorial election of 1858. At about that time, he wrote in a letter to a friend, "I am now the most miserable man living. If what I feel were equally distributed to the whole human family, there would not be one cheerful face on the earth."


Here are some no shit tips:

  1. Learn. What are you doing to make yourself more marketable? This means get off your ass and get into the books if required to give yourself the edge.
  2. Develop a plan, set small achievable goals and accomplish them in time with baby steps if required. But also as above, have a plan B.
  3. Work as one team. One Team One Fight. Work together and do what you said you would do. Be accountable.
  4. Keep attacking. Ya sally, it’s not going to be easy but anything that is shit hot usually isn’t easy to obtain. If it was easy to be a Marine, everyone would be a Marine. Get the point?
  5. Decide to do whatever you are trying to do “for you.” Jack shit will happen regardless if it’s a workout plan, new job interview, or any difficult goal unless you want to do it for yourself. Once you decide, fine, I want to do this, then put your mind to and watch what happens as all of the “unimportant” crap falls away.

 Listen cupcake, the only way you are going to change is if YOU want to make the change. How many “New Years” resolutions have already bit the dust? The good fairy from la la land isn’t going to come to your house while you sleep in little fuzzy slippers and give you a magical zap and make everything peachy. Nope, it’s going to take effort, it’s most likely going to suck in the beginning but every day it will get a little easier. Then as time goes on and you don’t wimp out, you will look back and see your progress and gain even more momentum. Will you hit brick walls? Yip, the more important answer is will you get back up after you get knocked on your butt. You have to. Get a friend that is interested in your same goals, challenge one another, encourage one another. If you have no friends, get off the couch and get a life you lazy bum. The hardest part of getting your day started is pulling back the sheets and getting out of bed. After that you have the momentum and things get a little easier every step you take. Now, let’s stop the blood clot crying and kick some butt!

 Time for a CGar!


  1. Good Morning!
    You got me in gear Monday and I’ve been slaying my big, ugly dragon all week. In my case it’s just a long, tedious project I needed to finish to bring in some extra cash we need. Had a set back Wed. and lost the whole day. Should have it all finished up by end of today and cash in the bank by Sat.
    And I think I’ll have enough left over to send an Any Marine care package to A-stan, too!
    Semper Fi!

  2. YES SIR!!!!
    Out the door and heading to CP to deliver a special gasoline card to the FRO of 3/5 Darkhorse. Found out a wounded 3/5 warrior family could use gas money to make the trip to San Diego each day from Anaheim to be with him in the hospital.. I asked for donations during meeting of HH Republican Women and Bless these gals… I came away with $600 to help this family… We love our Marines and their families! OORAH!

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