Another week starts, ya its Monday. You might feel a bit slow getting your butt in gear but suck it up sally and get moving. The coffee is over there. Go get a big cup of suck it the hell up. Your warriors deployed haven’t had the luxury of having  “time off” and chilling out over the weekend. Even if they had some down time and even if it was in the best of COPs (Combat Out Posts) it wasn’t like anything you just had so consider yourself blessed and get it in gear.  Try 10 push up and you will get your blood moving.

Everyday regardless of what we are doing back here in the states we tend to take for granted what our warriors are doing. There was a time when every school we would do the pledge of allegiance to the flag but now we might offend someone (vomit). In some states you will here the National Anthem played at 0800 on some radio stations but again that was squashed because it was deemed unpopular (gag).

These were simple reminders that we were America, strong and the goal of many to go to which helped build America and make it diverse and successful. "Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free", which is uniquely identified with the Statue of Liberty and is inscribed on a plaque in the museum in the base.  The idea behind this starts with you making a difference. You, one person, not expecting something from your country but containing a goal that will give/contribute something to the country even if it is you doing your best and honestly contributing to society.   You don’t have a job? Make dam sure you do an interview this week. Put your pride aside and be aggressive. You don’t like your job? What are you doing to make yourself more marketable? Stop bitching and talk to those that said “no” to the first question and be glad you have a job.

Make a difference today! The best stabilizing force is action. Make it happen. Look yourself in the mirror tonight and know you made a difference or you left it all on the field trying. Your deployed warriors are doing just that and I think those of us with a weekend worth of rest can surly do the same.



  1. I love it when you put up posts like this! It gets the fire in my belly going and nothing seems too hard or impossible.

  2. If only the people of the “Self Pitty Party” and the bleeding heart liberals (too many here in Oregon)who support them could hear this!
    Love your post today!

  3. Gang-
    Keep attacking you all are doing great even though you might not immediately see the results. Don’t back down, take no for an answer. Thanks for commenting, you all “get it”
    Time for a stoagy!

  4. I want a T-shirt with the logo “Go get a big cup of suck it the hell up” and Maj Pain on back..Make it ..I will buy them!Hoodies would be great too..

  5. Excellent post…and so true.
    I would like to give a Charlottesville, VA radio station kudos; every day @ 1200, the country station WCYK 99.7 plays our National Anthem.
    They were also a huge support getting the word out when the Run For the Fallen passed through the area, promoting attention to the run & it’s purpose several times a day for 2 weeks up to the day they passed through our area on the way to ANC. Dj’s Pam Garrison & Tom Morgan were (& are) behind our military in a big way.

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