Memorials “in country” are tough. They carry a unique feeling with them as you stand in a company outpost and honor the heroes that had fallen. Usually you don’t get to do them until a few months later after the event and pulling them off in a secure environment can also be a challenge but regardless of the friction they are conducted and the fallen are honored.

One particular memorial of many held in Afg included the chaplain’s readings while at the same time 2 cobra gunships circled off in the distance conducting a possible target. The early morning sunlight and the American and Marine Corps colors displayed couldn’t have looked any better. Marines gave their respects and within 40 minutes were back on patrol reinforcing the squad that was being assisted by the earlier cobras. Only if their parents could witness the unique memorial but nonetheless, their brothers said goodbye.

Semper Fi warriors, you are not forgotten.


  1. Peace to the hearts of those they left behind. Their sacrifice will not be taken for granted in my house or on my watch. Prayers out for all those that love them and those that will miss them each and every day that passes.

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