Although this movie series has been out for some time it’s a "keeper". I found little things here and there that are/were so true in the movie that only Marine would say or do (some are still doing them). Some of the events are funny that brought back memories and some serious like "Medal of Honor" actions.  Tom Hanks does a great job producing it with Steven Spielberg. Accurate, entertaining and educational. Six CDs of action and frankly an education for some that have no clue what America was up against in the pacific. Sadly, many of those heroes that were involved in the island hopping campaign are silent about their actions. True heroes, every one of them

Go out and get your copy or hook your buds up. Would be a great gift

Quick story about the heroes of that time (the Pacific)--I had two knucklehead

Marines that regardless of what punishment we gave them under the UCMJ, they continuously got in more and more trouble. Then I said,” that’s it gents”. Be in your Service Alpha’s tomorrow morning at 0700 (Sat morn) here at my office. They asked why? I said, don’t worry about it just be ready to get on the road.

As I waited in my Alpha’s, they showed up and we got on the road. As we traveled they were bitching and moaning quietly to each other in the back about doing this on the Sat morning. Where are we going I could hear one ask the other. As we arrived at the VA hospital, I told them, ok gents, now let’s go in here & meet some real Marines because you’re going to tell them how assed up you are that you are here in your Alphas on Saturday. That wasn’t what they expected.

As the day went on and gentlemen hooked up to oxygen hoses told these knuckleheads how they did this and that in WWII, my two knuckleheads became very humble. One old warrior's face after the other lit up (many didn’t get any visitors) as they warmed up to the two Marines. They opened up about the past and things the Marines of today would understand as they too are Marines.  Some stories had the two young Marines smiling about girls from another land and some stories ended with distraught sadness and tears in the eyes of the old warriors while younger Marines tried not to show their tears as well.

The kicker was when they told one of the heroes why they were there and he said, “hell, you Marines are much better than we ever where. We are sure proud of you”. They just looked up at me with a “kill us now” look on their face as they are nothing compared to the warriors they were talking to.  We met more warriors one after the other as the warriors in the hospital kept telling my two Marines war stories, then I had them meet even more. Each older warrior was so proud and excited that the younger Marines visited them and the “bond” known to Marines was immediately pronounced every time they met new warriors and swapped stories.

The drive home was a quiet one for my two Marines. I suppose they got the point. I didn’t have any more issues with them after that.

Time for a CGar.



  1. I remember you telling me that story a few years ago and I have repeated it to many young and old Marines. I also have a reserve unit near by and a project this year is to visit the local VA Hospital..I have been invited to tag along and looking forward to the visit.. I’m sure both sides will enjoy the time together… I know I will.. THANK YOU!

  2. you’re right, this is a keep and recently purchased it for my husband.
    Also wanted to say thank you for posting. You site is great. I’ve been a long time reader and really enjoy your posts.

  3. n episode three, after the U.S. Marines land in Melbourne, Hanks and Spielberg take quite a few liberties with Marine Corps pride and discipline. In the stadium the marines arrive and billet without any formation previously on the dock or when in the stadium. Not Marine Corps policy then or now. Upon disembarking from the ship the troops would have been formed up immediately according to squad, platoon, company etc. There would have been no straggling or sauntering about out of formation. And never, absolutely never would they have been allowed in town in utilities, especially dirty utilities. No, there would have been no liberty before getting cleaned up or without proper uniforms. I rented episode 1-6 and I won’t watch the others. I stopped at episode three. Hanks and Spielberg took too many liberties with Marine conduct and are an insult to Marine Corps veterans.

  4. “You got to love them and as I watch them in action I continue to wonder where we get such fine young warriors!” -Major Pain-
    I wonder the same thing everyday. They keep me motivated. I figure if they can do what they do what I have to do is no big thing.

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