Officer won't sign order for troop indoctrination

Asks to be relieved of command over repeal of 'gay' ban in military

By Brian Fitzpatrick
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President Obama's repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy is already  damaging the U.S. military.

An Army lieutenant colonel has asked to be relieved of command rather than order his troops to go through pro-homosexual indoctrination following the repeal of the policy, which required homosexuals to keep silent about their sexual preference.

Currently the commander of a battalion-sized unit in the Army National Guard, the officer also has threatened to resign his commission rather than undergo "behavior modification" training intended to counter his religious convictions about homosexuality. 

The soldier sent the following letter to his commanding officer:

Subject: Request for Relief from Command due to Personal Moral Conflict with New Homosexual Policy

1. I respectfully request to be relieved of Command of XXX Squadron, XXX Cavalry prior to new policy implementation subsequent to the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." My personal religious beliefs and moral convictions do not permit me to treat homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle, compatible with military service, any more than adultery, illicit drug use, or criminal activity. I believe this lifestyle runs counter to good order and discipline in military units, and I refuse to sacrifice my belief system, protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, in order to fall in line with the command policy that will logically follow. This new policy will undoubtedly include mandatory sensitivity training as well as same-sex partner inclusion in Family Readiness Group activities and integration into the full spectrum of other military benefits, as well as a whole new category of discrimination standards and investigative procedures. I will not, as a commander, put my signature on a training schedule or other document recognizing or legitimizing any of these things that contradict my personal beliefs.

2. I would like to remain in the XXX Army National Guard until I am eligible for retirement (at 20 years and 0 days), which would be in the late summer of 2012, but on grounds of my religious beliefs, I will not attend sensitivity or behavior modification training consequential to this policy change, even if it means disciplinary action. I regret that I cannot continue to serve in the military further, but feel that my efforts would be insincere because my heart will no longer be in it."

"I will not be the person who forces this training on my soldiers," the officer, whose identity was being protected, told WND. He plans to go on the record as soon as he discusses his request with his chain of command.

The officer said he's aware of other officers who intend to resign their commissions.

"These people want to serve. I want to serve. I love my job, but I can't do this job once they begin to implement this policy,"  he told WND.

Under the terms of the DADT repeal, the armed forces will not be permitted to allow open homosexuality in the service until the president, secretary of defense and head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff can certify that terminating DADT will not impair military readiness. During the transition period that will precede certification, the military plans to require servicemen to attend mandatory training sessions intended to change their attitudes toward homosexuality.

"Very few soldiers are fine with open homosexuals in the service," said the officer. "I cannot believe the numbers jibe with what was published in the previous survey," referring to a study commissioned by the Pentagon to assess whether the military could safely repeal DADT.

"I did not give up my constitutional rights and freedom of religion when I joined the military. I don't believe in subjecting myself to all of the behavior modification and sensitivity training. They're going to try to push the position that this is an acceptable lifestyle."

Beyond concerns about violating his own conscience and the beliefs of his soldiers, the officer predicts several additional adverse consequences to repealing the military's ban on open homosexuality.

"I don't believe the steps they're taking allow a commander to maintain good order and discipline in a military unit," the officer told WND. "DADT was a compromise to allow homosexuals to serve as long as they kept it to themselves. Now they'll be able to throw their lifestyle in everybody's face and commanders won't be able to do anything about it."

The officer also predicted problems with retention and recruitment:

"I think it might not have an immediate, huge impact, but as enlistments expire you'll get people who vote with their feet and leave the service, and I don't believe the recruiting effort is going to offset the amount of people that leave. The military historically attracts a more conservative group of people who have certain principles and beliefs and swear an oath to the Constitution."

As previously reported by WND, some experts predict as many as a quarter of Americans in military service will resign or leave earlier than planned because of the advent of open homosexuality. Nearly half of the Marine Corps respondents to the Pentagon survey said they would consider leaving the service earlier than planned.

The officer also predicted growing security problems as homosexuals become more prevalent in the service.

"One of the Army values is selfless service. Placing the good of the nation above personal desires is an essential trait of a good soldier, who may be called upon to give his or her life in the nation's defense. When you start trying to attract people who are so self-centered that they put living their lifestyle out in the open above the needs of their country and national defense, then you have a really dangerous combination. That's when you get instances like PFC Bradley Manning, who is a homosexual. Because of his personal beliefs and bitterness toward the military he decided to leak 150,000 sensitive wires that have done irreparable damage to our nation."

Manning, an openly gay soldier, reportedly sent many thousands of sensitive documents to the Wikileaks website out of anger over the military's ban on open homosexuality.


  1. Proud of him for standing his ground for his faith and his rights.
    “He is no fool who parts with what he cannot keep, when he is sure to be recompensed with what he cannot lose.” Phillip Henry (1631-1696)

  2. Just an FYI for the readers to pass on:
    Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, a national, Christian, public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, commented:
    “The Thomas More Law Center will review cases of discrimination against Christian service members as a result of this repeal, and where appropriate, defend at no charge those service members penalized for resisting this abhorrent new ‘morality’ being forced upon them.”
    Link to full article here:
    The Thomas More Law Center successfully defended Lt Col Chessani USMC

  3. Bad decision to repeal DADT. Always thought these liberal decisions are always “for the children” – bet they never thought about the FRG’s dealing with this. Probably don’t even know what FRG is or what they do. Sad. Proud of this Lt. Col.

  4. When I was in the military”Marines” I had a gay in my squad that he would do anything for his fellow Marines even take a bullet if it meant to save someone. So let us leave them alone and protect our country.

  5. Congress should immediately pass a bill prohibiting discrimination against any person in the military who opposes homosexuality on moral or religious grounds and protecting their rights to freedom of speech and religion. Otherwise it is Don’t ask Don’t tell for them. Hopefully, this is not what Congress and the President intended.

  6. As a sacred human being I do NOT have to “embrace and celebrate” evil of any type. This is not acceptable in any form of law in the United States.
    This is about the Homosicko agenda. They refuse to call sin a sin…and justify their evil.
    My prayers are with all the good Marines attempting to serve with honor and resist evil in all forms… Semper Fidelis…

  7. I’m a former Marine myself. And I’m openly Pagan. Even I have strong objections with the repeal. To the President and liberals, this is one step in the ” right ” direction. So long as it is in the view of those who keep money in their pockets. This is not a bright, shining new day for our American Military, it is the begining of the end.
    One example:
    They don’t allow females in the males barracks do they? No. They sure as hell don’t.
    For fraternisation purposes, among other things.
    So what the hell do they plan to do now that DADT hes been repealed? Might as well go full on co-ed.

  8. Those who disobey orders should undergo a court-martial. People have a right to free speech and religion, however what they don’t have is the right to oppress others.
    Those who are homophobic are no better than those who are racist.
    When you call someone who is homosexual or bisexual a name, you’re no better than someone who calls an African American the N-word.

  9. Those who disobey orders should undergo a court-martial. People have a right to free speech and religion, however what they don’t have is the right to oppress others.
    Those who are homophobic are no better than those who are racist.
    When you call someone who is homosexual or bisexual a name, you’re no better than someone who calls an African American the N-word.

  10. I believe the way to fight this onslaught against our Christian values is to use the ‘boy scout’ law. The Boy Scouts of America sucessfully resisted the gay tide which required them to hire a homosexual Scout Master for the reason that “Children under the age of 18 have the necessity of parental consent, before such actions may be imposed on them.” Since NO parent in their right minds would send their sons un-supervised in the woods with an adult homosexual, and no court system would want the ramifications of complaints filed by plaintiffs on the behalf of their sons who may be exposed to homosexual activities, the homosexual’s appeal died, appropiately.
    Parents routinely give their consent to sons and daughters serving in the military under the age of 18, it’s a time honored tradition. Shouldn’t they also be given the right to assure that their child will not be in the hands of a homosexual NCO without any recourse?

  11. Kaylyn
    Obviously you don’t serve in the military but are speaking for your husband. Gays dont work in the military, sorry. “homosexuality is a detriment to society will fade away”…..NEVER!!! Its wrong. You are in the minority.

  12. Sammy-
    It really doesn’t matter if you think it’s wrong. It is unconstitutional to force your personal religious beliefs on other people. No one asks straight service members to refrain from discussing their religion or personal lives. You can think it’s wrong all you want. In that case, don’t live a homosexual lifestyle, and instill your values upon your own family. But you can’t legislate it.
    I would have been in the minority regarding interracial marriages a few decades ago, too.

  13. Kaylyn
    Actually it does matter what I and many others “think” what’s wrong or right because you are still in the minority and actually yes (especially in the military) people are discouraged/refrained to discuss religion. The fact of the matter is your obviously very new to the military nor have you or your “spouse” deployed into combat. If you had, you would understand the saying “there are no atheists in a combat zone”. When you understand that fraise, you will begin to understand how homosexuality doesn’t work in the military. I hate to break it to you but ask anyone in your “significant others” unit or command that is similar rank or junior and they will tell you what you don’t want to hear-the truth that homosexuality is not welcome in the military. Good luck with your homosexual “life style” I’m sure your parents are proud. Again, another crack in our strong America….

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