The overall death toll reached 2,350, including 68 civilians, and 1,178 injured. A significant event that introduced America into WWII. Last time I checked WWII was a pretty significant role in America’s history. However, what they are teaching in some history classes these days in our schools that might seem out of the ordinary.

After checking around the web to see what stories were out there about the attack on Dec 7th, I found a troubling trend from news websites. Regardless of what political correct projection you want to portray or views you want to show (granted it’s your website) I find the following:


1)      You are a cry baby liberal communist news network (CNN)  that is so weak and afraid to insult anyone you couldn’t even mention the Dec 7 attacks against America.  Did I mention that well over 2,000 Americans were murdered in the attack that day?


2)      Your communist news network is managed by those other than actually Americans and thus you continue to push the left wing bat views that the “followers” believe when you try to persuade them by your jackassery stories.


3)      You simply just don’t give a rats ass about the significance about the day that occurred back in 1941. What it meant. What it lead to or those that died defending the day. Frankly, it makes me ponder what you actually are reporting on or consider news…..take a look at the screenshot for what the communist news network considered “news” or even better its "Top Stories" for Dec 7th…….Perhaps it was an oversight? So they are incompetent or did they just choose to snub the tragic day and those that paid the ultimate price as they were attacked? By they way it is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. On the direction of the President, the flag of the United States of America should be displayed on the homes of Americans, the White House and all United States government buildings. The flag should be flown at half-mast to honor those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor.



The saying “Remember Pearl Harbor” meant, remember it and never forget it. By not recognizing it on its anniversary (like that is asking too much anyway), we then ignore it and overtime forget it. Perhaps, that’s the intent of the network and others like it that failed to acknowledge the anniversary of the attack on Americans & the losses we suffered that day. Perhaps they don’t feel its news worthy or important. They should speak to the ghosts of those several Medal of Honor recipients of Dec 7th and see if it was important to those Americans that thought it was worth giving their own life for. I read on one site… “for some… remembering the attacks on Pearl Harbor, it brings sadness and horror”…..WTF? An evil regime trying to kill off as many Americans as possible is full of horror, not just for some for anyone. I wasn’t even there and it makes me want to remember it to prevent it from ever happening again. How many flags did you see at half mast? Again, sad. Perhaps cupcake, in happy dappy land evil dictators don't exist and people don't hate you or the country you live in. Perhaps they don't offend each other when they attack and kill each other off. But here on planet earth, there are several that do.


Listen America, if you want to sing freaking coombaya and not offend anyone from what your saying/believe in or more so respect in, then you better to continue to cover your head with a box. Frankly, if need be, I will stand and speak for those heroes and if need be make damn sure we don’t ever forget any past attacks on America. You can bet on that. God Bless our heroes and America! Time for a Cgar!



  1. My thanks to all that were there that day and gave their all.I was very upset yesterday as I saw alot of federal buildings that did not have their flags at half staff my bank one of them and when I asked why they said they didn’t get the e-mail and the one surpervisor who is ex-military wasn’t there so I being a politically Incorrect person said YOU NEED A E-MAIL TO REMIND YOU ABOUT PEARL HARBOR DAY.Maybe that is why the Supervisor wasn’t there he was involved in some ceremonies honoring those fallen heroes.Either way NO EXCUSE.

  2. Is this rant about CNN or remembering those who died at Pearl Harbor? Communist? Does the author even know what that means? It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot (especially on the scare and balanced network). The straw man arguments here are pretty weak.
    As a veteran myself I remembered Pearl Harbor. That horrible event was on my mind all day. Mostly I remembered my grandfather who served.
    Sometimes I too am saddened by the 24 hours news cycle and what it deems important. Remember though, the ability to have a differing opinion is what makes this country great. This is one of the many things that are worth fighting for.
    Semper Fi.

  3. It is disgusting…and not just the media, I see it everywhere I go and it makes me sick! On our visit to Disneyland last month we observed a beautiful flag ceremony with honored veterans, it was just awesome. However, some people just didn’t even stop and place a hand over the heart while the National Anthem played and the flag was being lowered. What the hell?!! I just wanted to slap some sense into those idiots! It really put a damper of my experience. I am glad to see that Disney still pays respect to our Veteran’s and our flag.

  4. I’m one of those that watches the so called “scare and balanced” network referred to in a previous post. I’ll take a little scare with my breakfast any day over being lulled to sleep by the drones of political correctness unable to call the threat we are under a war on terror renaming it an “overseas contingency operation”.
    I came into the world three years after Pearl Harbor. My role models growing up were not June and Ward Cleaver types but there were WWII veterans in that clan that lived out the love they had for their country every day for the rest of their lives after they came home through their work at the VA hospital in our hometown.
    When they went to war the whole country went with them. When they came home they rolled up their sleeves went to work and built a secure and prosperous nation.
    Now people need an e-mail to remind them of the attack that took them to war on December 7, 1941?
    What have we become America?

  5. Well, as a life long Democrat, the proud son of a WW2 Marine, whose mom’s 4 brothers served in the Army during WW2, I do not have to be reminded to rember Pearl Harbor. I also rember that when we went to war back in the day we PAID for it w/ taxes and war bonds…we did not borrow money from China to finance the war

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