I had a dream last night that I worked at WalMart. Not that it is a bad thing to work at WalMart I spose but it just seemed like a missed opportunity in the end. I had apparently retired from the military and of course stayed 23yrs old (wink) and had a fellow in charge of me who apparent had the leadership style of a stick.


After being shuffled around the store dressed in a uniform that I hated because it was worthless  I really received no guidance or instruction. This went on all day until there was a store wide team meeting that ran on with false motivation and bullshit and wasted everyone’s time and ended with some over paid lard telling us to send him two tasks we were going to complete this week. Wow I thought, only two huh?  Because I didn’t receive any formal training I figured I would seek out the background of the company and roots and leadership at the corporate level and find out what made this company tick.  After asking my supervisor if he had any knowledge and he didn’t know, I went into action learning about it. 


My supervisor ended the team meeting with a section meeting ( I hate it when this happens) i.e a Battalion is dismissed only to have several smaller section meetings following. When you’re dismissed, you’re dismissed. Wasting people’s time is the one thing that pisses them off. He concluded his follow on meeting by using an intimidation method of flushing the toilet and telling us to listen to our jobs going down the drain and continued to try to intimidate us in “excelling”. What a tard I thought as this guy couldn’t motivate a rock. He then pulled me aside and said  your task for the week is to baby sit William here (William was an severe under achiever within the company) but I saw William who happen to be an asset if you applied the correct key to unlock his potential.


My result the next day as I sent them my two things I was going to complete this week included, first,  the manual on properly training new hires (rewritten by me), second, my business plan on how I was going to take over the company. I threw in a third caveat that showed that William happens to have his Masters in business and that simply giving him mundane tasks was not only not challenging him but an insult and he was capable of doing several peoples job at a lower salary at this location.


I’m sure some psycho therapists would love to get inside my brain housing group and define what all this means but trust me, you don’t wanna go there. Perhaps this stems from me visiting various store locations this weekend and no one in them knew their store well enough to tell me where I could find the items I was looking for….how do you work in a store and not know where certain items can be found….damn window lickers!!


 However, I know there are many out there that one, hate their jobs (be glad you have one) and two could probably excel or do your boss’s job as well.  Listen, its one thing to go about your daily tasks in your job or perhaps on the other hand look around at what really needs to be fixed, changed or improved. Be a big boy/girl and tell someone. Perhaps you can find your “William” and find the combination (or foot in his ass) to make him an asset vis a liability. There is nothing worse than sitting there on Sunday and thinking, man I hate my job and dreading it. So what are you doing to change it? Stop your cry baby whining and either make an improvement where you’re at by becoming an asset or attend the schooling/training you need to take over your boss’s job. This is the land of the free baby, they sky is the limit. You want to be your own boss, get out there and do it. You want to make a difference where you’re at, get going, and make it. Action is a great stabilizing force!




  1. I needed a battery and that area opened before ‘normal’ store hours. I got to witness one of those employee meetings. I was shocked by the demeaning way it was handled. He acted like a nutless/clueless DI. I stood there embarrassed that something like that was a part of corporate America. I’ve certainly had bosses that weren’t always fair but this went far beyond that.

  2. From reading the post, it’s obvious that 1. You work at Wal-Mart. Or, 2. You’re very close to someone who does.
    This is exactly the way some stores are run. They employ Managers and Assistant Managers who couldn’t lead a starving man to a buffet. One has to wonder what would have become of Wal-Mart if John Walton hadn’t died in a plane crash.
    Wal-Mart would be a hit on Undercover Boss.

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