If you didn’t know the President presented SSgt Giunta with the Medal of Honor. “Giunta is the first living service member from the Iraq or Afghanistan wars to be so honored. Seven others have received the award posthumously. It is the first time in 40 years a recipient of the medal has come to the White House to accept the award.” As reports go but I have to ask what are we doing?

Back in the day warriors that received this honor were cherished and became little kids heroes. Some covered the event and expressed their opinions (if it was even covered in their reports) that it was a farce or not a big deal. Listen America, yet another sign that we need to unass ourselves and look in the mirror and remember what this country is about and get ourselves squared away.

This steely eyed warrior along with the hundreds before him detailed in their summaries show the true make up of a “hero”. Not some pot smoking woman abusing over paid football player but an American boy who wasn’t afraid to stand for what he believes in and displayed in on the battle field.  We can piss & moan about if the warrior rates the award but unless you have been there, been shot  or even had the littlest inclination what this warrior did, you need to simply say thank you and keep your pie hole shut. Twenty years ago you wouldn’t hear any American discount if he rated the award. It would blow your mind to know of the heroic things your servicemembers have done and received a lesser award nonetheless even begin to capture what this stud did. I would rather you simply said “Thank you” SSgt  and carried on but if you want to discredit his accomplishments come do it to me and you might want to bring a steak for your bruised eye.

I challenge you teachers out there, ask your students to name one…simply one Medal of Honor recipient. I got $20 bucks they can’t name one (even after this erecent event) without you telling them. How about we stand for what this nation represents and teach what a true hero is so when they grow up we don’t read about them in the obituary and the crack deal that went bad.  It all starts with a good foundation and for the love of god our young Americans need role models. Frankly, I couldn’t think of any other greater example than the newest Medal of Honor recipient, SSgt Giunta and the many other warriors that came before him.

Start by purchasing this book that has the Medal of Honor citations in it and sit down and read a few of the citations your fellow Americans accomplished. Then tell me the warriors getting this medal aren’t heroes.  It also makes a great gift for servicemembers. Mine sits right next to my bible. Congratulations & thank you SSgt, I salute you for a job well done. Time for a cigar!


  1. Salvatorre A. Giunta, Lance Sijan, Audie Murphy, Sgt. York, Capt. Thomas J. Hudner all medal of Honor recipients. How’m i doin?

  2. Bong, Lynch, Mcquire, York, just off the top of my bald head.
    I honor all veterans. I just looked up my dad’s DD214; he was gone to the South Pacific with the 161 inf, 25th inf division from 12/7/41 (yes he reported on Pearl Harbor day since he was on active duty and in Hawaii by 12/25/41) to 6/29/45 without any leave home in all that time.
    God bless our veterans.

  3. Sad that there was more coverage about a “prince” getting married than our hero getting the MOH (and that was by American reporters)….sad

  4. Iraq- Paul Smith, Jason Dunham, Michael Monsoor, Ross McGinnis. Afghanistan – Michael Murphy, Jared Monti, Robert Miller, Salvatore Giunta. My career Navy father taught me many of the prior recipients, and I give thanks for their sacrifice every week.

  5. SSgt Giunta thank you for doing so well with courage under fire what you were trained to do giving credit to all those that were with you in a humble and professional manner.
    Prayers out for you and all those with you and for the family and friends of Sgt Joshua Brennan.

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