1. I had this all set to send out tomorrow, to you as well, but I should have known you would be on top of it. Thank you, and all those who have gone before you, for your incredible service to our country. Oorah!

  2. Many have said that the Marine Corps has outlived it’s usefullness, that there is nothing that we do that can’t be done by the other branches of the military. The way that I look at it is this, there are people on this earth that want nothing more than to kill us, because of who we are. As long as they keep trying, we need the Corps. And it doesn’t look like they’re going to give up anytime soon.Semper Fi.

  3. The other services wish they could do what we Marines do as well as we do it. They CANNOT. If they could, they would be Marines.
    As long as winning is the object, we will continue to exist, because the American People know we are 100 percent effective at killing ANYTHING that seeks to destroy them.
    Oohrah and SEMPER FI to all Marines out there.

  4. We are a stronger, safer nation because of our men and women – past and present – who serve in our military. Happy Birthday to all Marines from my entire family, and a huge thank you, Maj. You’re the Best.

  5. Happy Birthday, Marines! I continue to thankyou with a special salute nightly at 11:00 in the way of a special Marine Veteran at rest now, RRBig Brother Jim I.

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