(this is an article from May 2009-did you hear about this?)
A Senate report, sited by the Associated Press today, seem to indicate that at least one quarter of all military ballots in the 2008 election went uncounted. by

 Raymond Bochman

The report that came out Wednesday from the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, Chaired by Sen. Charles Schumer, shows that "One out of every four ballots requested by military personnel and other Americans living overseas for the 2008 election may have gone uncounted." Senator Schumer commented that this only a snap shot of the "voting patterns" of American civilians and military personnel abroad, but that it "is enough to show that the balloting process for service members is clearly in need of an overhaul." The report notes that 441,000 absentee ballots were requested by Americans living abroad. Most were active-duty and reserve military personnel. Of those 441,000 ballots 98,000 were reported as "lost". They were mailed but were never received by election officials. When you account for the disqualified ballots, those missing signature or that had not been notarized, the report concludes that "one-quarter of those requesting a ballot were disenfranchised." It is believed that voter negligence was not a major factor in the votes not being counted. Representatives from Senator Schumer's office believe this is "…because a person living abroad must request the absentee ballot and show a clear intention to vote…" That "clear intention" to vote diminishes voter negligence as reason for the problem. The major cause for the disenfranchisement, according to Senator Schumer, was due to "…a chronic problem of military voters being sent a ballot without sufficient time to complete it and send it back. He cited estimates that a ballot can take up to 13 days to reach an overseas voter." An example, in the report, given to show the scope of the problem is the state of California. Out of 103,000 ballots mailed out, 30,000 were lost, 4000 were rejected, and 3000 were undeliverable. It would seem that, given this "chronic" problem with counting overseas ballots, Mr. Schumer is right in saying there "is enough to show that the balloting process for service members is clearly in need of an overhaul."

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  1. What an aweful shame! Our service members should be counted first. They are the ones making the sacrifices that make our voting privilege possible.

  2. Weren’t more ballots “lost” or not sent for this 2010 midterm election, too? I thought I heard something about that but can’t find any news articles to support it yet.

  3. I read on Rush Limbaugh today, that ballots were hand delivered to inmates in Illinois, but absentee ballots did not make it out in time for our troops. That is sad and wrong.

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