Over 100 World War II veterans from Kansas are probably getting a good night’s sleep after a very emotional trip aboard an “Honor Flight” to Washington D.C.

After two powerful days visiting war memorials and Arlington National Cemetery, the veterans got the chance to unfurl the huge American 15 star American flag at Fort McHenry, the place where our national anthem was written. For some, the day and the memories were a little too much.

The ceremony at Fort McHenry was just one of several memorable events for these true American heroes. However, the most emotional came Wednesday night at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport.

As the servicemen landed tonight, they received a welcome home unlike any other they have ever seen before. It was a greeting as if these heroes were returning home from war. Literally hundreds of people lined the hallways at Mid-Continent to say thank you.



  1. I love them all and sure miss those in my family that served in WWII. The best of the best. The video had me smiling with tears in my eyes. Thanks for the post, Major.

  2. Thank you for this wonderfull video and giving me the opportunity to leave a BIG HUG AND THANK YOU TO ALL THESE HEROES AND THEIR FAMILIES.GOD BLESS THEM.

  3. I just happened to have a layover in BWI in september…I saw a bunch of people with yellow shirts waving flags..being the nosy person I am I had to find out what was going on..I figured it was a homecoming, then found out it was an honor flight…Well I got to stand there and cheer for them as they came off the plane and I will never forget their faces,the smiles, the tears (mine too) my goosebumps had goosebumps. THen I got a hug because a vet noticed my 2bluestar pin and wanted to hug a mom with 2 active duty Marines…I mean how cool is that.

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