1. my Family goes back to Civil War and now Afghanistan, have sat for hours and listened to their tales, and now my son and nephew, My Pop was a DI, Marine, Iam The oldest, and now a Blue Star Mom, hugs to you all and Hey Soldier this Old Lady needs to hear your call, make it Loud cause she loves you and that sound very much.. mom

  2. Thank you, Major Pain for the wonderful video. It is an beautiful reminder and yes, we must not forget.
    Every time, I watch this I get goosebumps down my arms.
    God bless and prayers, and I wish you a safe return to the United States.

  3. Thank you Major, every time I watch this video I thank the Lord for those in my family that came home from WWII and lived their lives with courage and dignity. Patriots to the core. I’m forever indebted to them for their example not just in word but in deed.

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