Michele Flournoy, under secretary of defense for policy, dedicated a
new Pentagon display today honoring POWs and MIAs from all conflicts.

            The corridor, located on the 3rd floor, has
been added to the Pentagon's public tour route where thousands of
visitors and more than 23,000 Pentagon employees may view it.

            In her dedication remarks, Flournoy noted that
the displays in the corridor send many messages, and urged visitors and
employees to pause and learn more about POW/MIA history, and of those
Americans who are still missing from all conflicts.

             "America is among a handful of nations
committed to finding and bringing home those lost on former battlefields
or isolated burial sites," she said.  "There is no question that the
lessons of past conflicts have helped us improve our ability to recover
personnel who become isolated or missing in today's conflicts – and I
hope this provides some small comfort to those of you who lost family
members in
past wars."

            The ceremony was attended by invited guests
including veterans, families of the missing, and former POWs.  In
addition to panels depicting many aspects of the American POW/MIA
experience, display cases include artifacts obtained during excavations
for wartime remains, as well as POW memorabilia, and examples of grass
roots efforts by MIA families to draw national attention to the issue.


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