I know some out thee would say “im over Sept 11” I know this cause someone said it to me. (not smart)I replied by saying…not me anytime another country attacks my county I don’t get “over” it. They seemed shocked I said that.

Then I contined especially since I have friends who lost loved ones in the pentagon and see their families grief every year,their kids go through life without a dadmuch like the warrior friends I lost in Iraq & Afghanistan. Perhaps its different if you dont personnaly know someone lost, sorry I’m not freaking over it…..that’s the problem eventhough we repeat “never forget Sept 11 ” some already have. Freaking embarrassing. Those that don’t learn from history are sure to repeat it. Never forget. Semper fi..time for a cgar


  1. I don’t know if this means anything,but I feel like the people who I talk to who said they only felt sad or scared when they watched what happened unfold on 9/11 often are the ones who want to just put it behind them. They don’t want to remember how horrible it was. Me? I was sad for the families, yes…but I was more ANGRY and ready to kick somebody’s ass that day! How dare they attack MY country! That is what I was thinking. And every time I think about what was perpetrated against us, I get mad all over again. It is a healthy anger though because it fuels my determination to make sure that we-America,the greatest country on earth- will eventually prevail.Whatever way I can contribute to help that happen, I will do so!

  2. Can’t imagine any of my relatives that served during WWII saying they were “over” the attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s not going to happen in this house and I tend to put distance between myself and those that think we should all just get “over” it. God bless you, Sir. Keep movin’.

  3. “Over it”???? Not to da** likely! Those people that say “oh, get over it” should have to go look into the faces of those that have lost loved ones that day… Maybe they should have to visit the grieving mother or father of any of our brave military personal that have given up their lives fighting the miserible cowards that perpatrated the events of that horible day. As for me, I shall Never get over what happened at the World Trade Center or the Pentagon or (closer to home) the field near Shanksville, PA. Someday, somehow, all the cowards that plot against this great nation of ours will be hunted down and made to pay for their cowardice! God Bless the USA, God Bless our brave and noble military personal and God Bless you, Sir! Uraaaaaaah!

  4. It is unfortunate that America has idiot, self absorbed people, who think they are more intellegent than most. They are too busy enjoying the freedom that brave warriors have sacrificed for them and too selfish to be thankful. THEY NEED TO GET OVER THEMSELVES!
    My hope is that someday they will realize their stupidity and acknowledge the bravey of our selfless troops who are out in the middle east snuffing out the terrorist scum who murdered so many innocent people on our precious soil!
    GOD BE WITH OUR SOLDIERS and Thank GOD for those Americans will never get over 9/11!

  5. I would say that over it is the wrong term. I will never be over it, but the initial intense feelings I felt are muted, but not gone

  6. September 11th 2010, I awoke early and was up to watch the sunrise, my faith teaches me forgivness, I have none for those who committed their horror , I am as angry and mad at them today as I was when I watched them slaughter wonderful people. I do not believe I will ever forgive, I am aware that unforgiveness is sinful in itself ….I am a sinner. What I will take to my grave is , how any faith that is a lifestyle such as Islam can perform the horrors that they do, Stoning,Killing, mistreatment of women,all in the name of Allah

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