You can stare at the horrors experienced that day. You can
learn to live with what happened that day. You can sympathize for those that
lost loved ones that day. You can shake your head in disbelief as you listened
to the follow on that day, however, you must never forget that day.

September 11th is and always be a day in our nation’s
history that changed you and I. The lives that were lost for those that were
murdered and those life’s that were changed for those of us unharmed will never
be the same.

 I see friends sorrow
deepen every year as we relive the attacks that day and they miss the ones they
lost.  I saw the dedication and the anger
in those that joined myself in the following “counter attacks” in Iraq &
Afghanistan in the following years.  In
them as well, I saw the sorrow again in those family members & children
when warrior’s lives were ended as they gave their all in a foreign country.

For those of you reading this that have lost a loved one
that day or have lost a loved one in the sequential counter attacks against the
ones who did this, this country is behind you.  Currently steely eyed warriors of all branches
and many countries (not just the US) are getting ready, already there or
preparing to be replaced as they continue to finish the mission that we
started.  They are doing great things in
the Counter Insurgency fight.  There can
be no negative finger pointing to those  in Afghanistan now, the ones that have gone
before them or those public service heroes at ground zero that day.

You can have your political opinions as that’s what’s beautiful
about this country, you can say what you want and not be killed for it. But I
strongly recommend, regardless of your views,  you remember what happened that day, you sympathize
for those that lost loved ones, support those servicemembers that are fighting
and never, ever forget Sept 11th.

God Bless America……I will have a toast & a Cgar for all
of the heroes & their families on Sept 11th

Semper Fidelis


  1. Very good…I hope to share that with many others. We will never forget! Thank you and your brothers in arms, past and present, for your service.

  2. Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never give in.
    -Winston Churchill
    My parents were very young when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. My dad was 21, my mother was 14. It was a memory neither ever lost, although age and time took many others.
    On September 11, 2001, my mother had to call an ambulance and send my 81-year-old father to the hospital. He was so upset that America had been attacked that he became hysterical. He was so angry that someone would attack us on our own soil and so afraid that his children and grandchildren would live in a nation under siege.
    I am grateful that his generation gave me a safe world to grow up in, and I am grateful that our service men and women will keep it safe for my grandchildren.

  3. Absolutely beautiful post and every word so necessary to be said for all to take to heart. God Bless you and all your brother and sisters that stand in defense of this nation and all those that have gone before. Prayers out for our America as we remember the attack on her by those that hate her and still want to destroy her. Prayers out for all those that lost loved ones and friends on that day. Thank you again for your courage Major, you are much appreciated out here in flyover country!

  4. Thank you Maj. Pain. And I hope that I’m doing my share here on the home front.
    At 0530 MST I will break the seal on a fifth of Jack. I will pour a tumbler of smooth brown liquid. I will toast those who died in the WTC 9 years ago. I will toast those who rushed in to save the victims of that attack, some who also lost their live and all who rushed in without regard for their own safety. I will toast those men and women who quickly stepped up to swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and those who have followed since that fateful day. I will toast those who have given some and toast those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country and the principles and standards lain down by our Founding Fathers.
    May God guide our leaders and may we be successful against the enemies of our country.
    God Bless you Maj. Pain.

  5. This old combat vet of Viet Nam and his family will never forgive or forget 9/11/ 01. Thank you for your service and thank all in harms way.

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