Think about what has to be given up. I know 90% of you
reading this “get this” but I challenge you to send this to the other ten
percent who don’t. Your servicemembers sacrifice day in and day out for
something that you don’t have to worry about.

Their efforts day in and out
accumulate to a greater cause for you, me and the country. The sacrifices
include many “misses”. Some of the misses while they are deployed are the
missed opportunity to see their first born hatched, their children’s birthdays’
holidays across the board and others specifically wedding anniversaries, and even
deaths of family members and never getting to say good bye.

It’s not always easy for the “spousal unit”  (wife) to deal with these events alone or
explain why dad is away, especially to the young ones.  On top of the daily catastrophes spouses deal
with, they also dedicate themselves and pay a price while their warrior is away.  Without a doubt, the car will break on the
way to soccer practice as soon as he deploys, kids will get sick, sink will
flood, dog will jump the fence and oh by the way what should we get your mother
for her birthday??

While those battles are being fought on the personal home
front their warriors are dealing with being away, daily stress not matched in
any other job, living in harsh environments and while all of this is going on,
they are kicking ass, on both fronts home & in combat.

I guess like many things in America that we tend to take for
granted, the fact that our warriors are out there taking care of business and
out of site, it’s just fine with us. Is that how you feel? While you worry
about what trivial thing you’re going to buy today or bitch & moan about
the trivial thing you couldn’t buy today, stop and think about the big picture
and who is providing the blanket for us all so you can have those small trivial
worries as your only big concerns…..and yes many of our concerns we see as full
of “drama” concerns…..are minuet compared to the big picture. Did you even
think about that we are lucky to even have the luxury to go “buy” those things
that many people in the world will never have?

Much of this is contributed to the long history of America’s
service members in a volunteer force willing to go afar, protect the innocent,
fight the evil and come home victorious is become the expected. But have you
thought about what your warriors are missing for it? Without the warriors of
the past and future willing to protect America and give selflessly, we will
have more than trivial concerns. 

Time for a C-Gar


  1. You nailed it, Major. What’s the saying… The military’s at war, the rest of the country’s at the mall. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the men and women that are serving our country, in some hell hole, living like peasants. Because when I was doing it, that was all that I hoped for. That somebody gave a damn about me. Semper Fi.

  2. Having 2 Devildog sons myself, there probably isn’t a minute of the day that I don’t think about what our warriors are going thru, voluntarily at that. I have almost made it my mission to educate others, and you should see some of their faces when I do. OOH-RAH Marines keep up the good work!

  3. I was going into my local smoke shack the other day to get my cigars and a youngman was in front of me going in the door.He held the door till I got to it.I thanked him and then I realised his sweat shirt,black with the USMC on the back.I startled him when I asked him how he came about the shirt.He said I am heading to paris island in oct.I shook his hand and told him tahnk you I also explained my nephew served in fallujah twice and another signed up and will be going in after early grad from high school early next year.Another has enlisted in the army,sorry Maj.I express my love for their sacrafices every chance I get.Our soldiers have been doing an outstanding job keeping us free and keeping the scum at bay.God Bless you all.

  4. +1, Maj.! Everyone needs to read this. Hope y’all know you have great love, respect and support from an awful lot of people. I think more are waking up to it all the time. Sorry that it’s taken some so long to “get it”.

  5. I think you have it right Major. I don’t take any pleasure in stating that I see an increasingly apathetic citizenry with the exception of our Military families, veterans and their survivors. I have no doubt there are locations in this country that contain pockets of patriots that are an exception to the rule (the majority of them in fly over country, you know those places North, South, East, West, where we “bitter folks” are still “clinging to our guns and religion”) a statement that is only half true. We’re not bitter.

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