Local leaders continue to work with Coalition and US Marines
in southern Afghanistan. They know we are there to help them and they are
making quicker gains by working with us than we made in Iraq. They know we do
what we say and we are beginning to see the same from them.

The politics are apparent on their side as well as we see
rivals attempting to take the place of current leaders because they have broken
the wall down and have made progress. Now, others want them out so they can
ride on the coattails of those that initiated the success. Some things don’t change.

They are cunning and tell lies to have others look poor and unprofessional
to even bring in religious points and how their competitors are not the “religious
type” and therefore can’t be successful in the long run despite their recent
success. Some competitors simply quit, some go to greater lengths to make their
competitors appear in the negative light, nothing is surprising anymore to the lengths
they will go, even if criminal.

There is no quick “win” in counterinsurgency (COIN) as the
above element is only one piece of the COIN fight that has to be evaluated and
grown day by day step by step, in the right direction.  Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Time for a stoagy, where every you are……


  1. Well, maybe Michelle O needs to go over there and explain to them that SOME people have to give up their piece of the pie so OTHERS can have some?

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