Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint
Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, July 23, 2010 – Afghan-international forces
seized enemy weapons caches, captured or killed numerous insurgents, and
reopened a long-closed school during recent operations conducted across
Afghanistan, military officials reported.

In yesterday's Afghanistan news:

— An Afghan National Directorate of Security force
discovered a large quantity of improvised explosive device-making
material in a rock quarry in the Spin Boldak district of Kandahar
province last night. The cache contained about 1,900 kilograms of
ammonium nitrate, more than 5,400 electronic fuses, about 3,200 meters
of detonation cord and 275 kilograms of black powder. The ammonium
nitrate and black powder alone could be used to make more than 100 IEDs.
The Afghan force asked for
International Security Assistance Force help in destroying the cache.

"This find demonstrates the ever-increasing capability of
the Afghan National Security Forces to operate independently," Col.
Rafael Torres, ISAF Joint Command Combined Joint Operations Center
director, said. "It also takes a large number of potential IEDs out of
the hands of the insurgents whose indiscriminate use of IEDs endangers
innocent Afghan civilians as well as Afghan and coalition forces."

— Afghan and coalition forces captured a Taliban
improvised explosive device facilitator in the Behsud district of
Nangarhar province last night. The security force targeted a compound
outside Jalalabad in pursuit of the facilitator and Afghan forces used a
loudspeaker to call for all occupants to peacefully exit the buildings.
After the occupants were interviewed, one of them led the security
force to a different compound where he thought the targeted individual
was residing.
Once the second compound was secure, the combined security force
detained the facilitator who peacefully surrendered and identified
himself to the security force. No shots were fired and the women and
children present were protected by the security force.

— An Afghan and coalition security force detained two
suspected insurgents in Ghazni province last night while in pursuit of a
Taliban subcommander who facilitates weapons and provides operations
support for the Taliban in the area. The security force went to a remote
compound in Gelan district to search the area. Afghan forces used a
loudspeaker to call for the occupants to exit the buildings and then
cleared the compound. After the compound was secure, the security force
two suspected insurgents for further questioning. No shots were fired
and the women and children present were protected throughout the search.

— Afghan and coalition security forces last night struck
at the Taliban leadership in Kandahar, capturing a senior Taliban
commander and a member of the district military commission in Nad 'Ali,
Helmand province, who commands the movement of insurgent fighters and
equipment through the Nad 'Ali district. The joint security force also
detained another suspected insurgent in the same operation. The joint
security force targeted a compound in Daman district on the outskirts of
Kandahar City. All of the residents complied with the instructions of
the joint security force and peacefully exited the compound. After
interviewing the residents, two suspected insurgents were detained for
further questioning including a senior Taliban leader and one additional
suspected insurgent.

In July 21 Afghanistan news:

— Afghan National Security Forces with International
Security Assistance Force partners officially reopened a school that had
been closed for 12 months due to facilities falling into disrepair.
Over the last two months, the combined force engaged local tradesmen to
build a new wall and metal gates, a school yard, plant trees and bushes,
repair the existing water pump, install new windows and build new
chairs and benches for the students. The reconstruction work now allows
to attend classes four days a week. Prior to the official opening,
Afghan officials and local elders distributed school supplies to the
approximately 200 students who attend the school each day. Extra school
supplies have been given to the school for the expected 500 students who
will attend the school in the future.

A local Afghan leader said, "It is magnificent that we are
here today at the reopened school. Much has improved with the security
situation to allow the school to reopen, and we are thankful of the
Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team and Lithuanians for rebuilding the
school." Combined forces are committed to assisting the government of
the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in rebuilding and repairing
education infrastructure to educate Afghanistan's children.

In July 20 Afghanistan news:

— An Afghan and coalition security force killed several
insurgents and captured an improvised explosive device maker along with
additional suspected insurgents in Kunduz province. The security force
went to the first of a series of targeted compounds in the village of
Qareh Khani in the Chahar Darah district in pursuit of a Taliban
sub-commander who facilitates weapons and orders IED and rocket attacks
against Afghan civilians and Afghan and coalition forces. Afghan forces
used a
loudspeaker to call for all occupants to peacefully exit the targeted

One heavily armed individual ran outside the compound and
engaged the security force. The combined force returned fire, killing
the insurgent. The combined force then moved to clear and secure the
building. While clearing the area, the security force was engaged by an
insurgent barricaded within one of the buildings and another insurgent
in the courtyard. Returning fire, the assault force killed the
insurgents. After the compound was cleared and secured, the assault
force detained
the IED maker and an additional suspected insurgent for further

Evidence collected at the scene directly linked the IED
maker to a pressure plate IED attack that occurred less than three
kilometers from the targeted compound on April 14. Additionally, several
other IED related incidents have occurred in the immediate area over
the last two years. IED materials including blasting caps and wire were
found at the compound.

"This is another key capture toward ensuring the safety of
the innocent Afghan civilians residing in Chahar Darah district," said
Col. James Dawkins, ISAF Joint Command Combined Joint Operations Center
director. "The Taliban's indiscriminate use of such tactics has killed
hundreds of innocent civilians just this year."

At the second compound, two armed males ran from the
buildings into some thick vegetation. Afghan forces called for the
individuals to peacefully surrender however, they engaged the combined
force and were subsequently killed. After the compound was cleared and
secured, the security force questioned the remaining residents. One
suspected insurgent was detained by the security force for further
questioning. The women and children present were protected throughout
the searches.



  1. Thank you, Major. I am sure you have noticed both local and cable news sources largely limit the war to sound bites and short news clips usually followed by something as important as video and erudite commentary on some dumb woman throwing a water bottle at a bison.

  2. Just heard that Iran is aiding the insurgents in Afghanistan. Adds a new dimension to the situation. Thank you Major for the updates, the good stuff doesn’t get covered. Semper Fi.

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