Congrats to General Amos-The Marine Corps new Commandant of the Marine Corps! Although the CMC has always been an infantry officer, Gen Amos is the first career aviator.

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— President Barack Obama announced his nomination July
20 for Gen. James F. Amos to be appointed 35th commandant of the Marine

The announcement came after Amos, currently the Corps’ second in
command, was recommended for the position by Secretary of the Navy Ray
Mabus and Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

If confirmed by Congress, Amos will be the first career aviator to
lead the Corps and would become the first assistant commandant in
several decades to succeed his immediate boss.

Amos brings a sense of renewed enthusiasm to the amphibious
mission of the Marine Corps.

In a statement to the Naval War College in June 2010, Amos said
he is “more convinced than ever before that a balanced Navy-Marine
Corps team, one that is capable of promptly, effectively and efficiently
conducting operations throughout the entire range of military
operations, is critical to the continued prosperity of our nation and is
essential to the survival of our friends, allies and partners.”   

Amos has held command at numerous levels
most notably with the 3rd
Marine Aircraft Wing in
support of Operation Iraq Freedom I and II from 2002-2004.
has also served as the commanding general of Marine Corps Combat
Development Command and as the deputy commandant of Combat Development
and Integration from 2006 – 2008. Amos was appointed to his present rank
and assigned as assistant commandant of the Marine Corps in 2008.


Amos will be ushered in as commandant at a pivotal time as the
Marine Corps tries to refocus its efforts as an amphibious force in
readiness after eight years of fighting in a landlocked region.   

Gen. James T. Conway is scheduled to retire in September.


  1. General Amos and his wife, Bonnie, are great americans. His appointment to Marine Corps Commandant is something to celebrate!

  2. As fruit needs not only sunshine but cold nights and chilling showers to ripen it, so character needs not only joy but trial and difficulty to mellow it. Do you understand?

  3. Congrats Tamer! It was a pleasure serving under your command in VMFA-312 and MAG-31. Retired GySgt Colon
    Please tell Bonnie hello from the Colon Family

  4. Congratulations Jim on your selection as the Commandant! This confirms that the AFSC class of 75 was truly the diamond of all classes. Have not kept up with classmates since I retired in 1989. Roger Phillips, USAF Retired.

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  6. To whom it may concern..
    I hope you could forward this to General Amos…..
    I rented a dvd of the movie WARRIOR about a Marine and full contact
    fighting…what i saw in the arena were about 100 Marines and some
    were wearing there metals/ribbons on the wrong side of there chest
    i understand they were probably just stand in actors but it was very
    disturbing to see…they did bad reserch…yours truely
    Thomas Guerriero
    2654185…..[1970 to 1973]

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