Many have already forgotten the attacks Sept , 11th
in NY or subliminally blocked them from their thoughts. There are many that
remember it like it was yesterday. Those family members that lost a loved one
that day, the spouses and children that have lost a loved one while fighting in
Afg & Iraq all remember Sept 11 very well.

Many today ask “why” are we still in Afg? Afghanistan is not
a Desert Storm and even a little different than Iraq.  Afghanistan is a perfect case model for
Counter Insurgency (COIN)operations. I am not going into what the Russians didn’t
do and we have but I will tell you that the US has mastered the COIN fight by
living among the locals, winning their trust, helping them not only build on a
national level but help them build themselves.

COIN takes time. War takes time.  The USMC in “Marineestan” has mastered
developing small operating bases among the locals and have won their trust 9somthing
the Russians never did).

I know, you are asking, why are we still there? Well the
COIN process isn’t completed yet. We could leave now but we wouldn’t be
completing the mission there.  But what
is our mission? I knew you would ask. 
One version from the DOD is:

In response to the events of September 11,
2001, the U.S. and its allies launched an invasion of Afghanistan to overthrow
the Taliban regime and destroy the al-Qaeda terrorist network it supported. In
the years since, the International Security Assistance Force, under NATO
leadership, has taken charge of extensive provincial reconstruction and
stabilization efforts, helping set the economic, political and security
conditions for the growth of an effective, democratic national government in
Afghanistan. As the lead member of the international coalition, the U.S.
contributes troops to both the ISAF mission and Operation Enduring Freedom,
tasked with pursuing al-Qaeda throughout Afghanistan’s inhospitable border
region with Pakistan.

There are other versions within the DOD, but this captures it
pretty much. The US actually falls under NATO at the moment and the US is the
lead agent for the campaign. The US is working to eventually turn the area back
over to the Afg people and their Government as we have done in Iraq. By
utilizing techniques taken directly from the Small Wars manual, the US has
become very good at guerilla warfare. 

Afg poll

As you can see by the quick poll taken on One Marines View,
many of you “Get it” and understand the impact of a surge and saturating the
area with boots on the ground that live among the locals. By doing this, it
allows total team work and empoweres the local Afghanistan people to stand for
themselves. We have a saying that although we have medal dectectors, very good
technology etc to find IEDs, the local people are our best IED detectors as
they tell us where they are located.

This is a huge sign of progress as the locals are standing
up to the insurgents with our help. It has become more frequent to have a man
bring another wounded man to us 9usually in a wheel barrel) that has a bullet
in him. When we ask what happened, and we research it a bit, we often find that
the man that brought the wounded insurgent to us is a farmer and is tired of
being intiminated. Thus, when the insurgent came to take the farmers crop for
pennies, the farmer defended himself. This is a huge step of progress for our
efforts there.

Listen America, we have all of the equipment we need  (seriously), we have the Rules of Engagement
(ROEs) on our side and yes, they are working very well for us as I have seen
and used them in my multiple combat tours there.

I can’t tell you how long this will take, I can tell you
from seeing it first hand, is that it is working, I have seen very significant improvement
from my fist and second tour there and we have removed some very evil people
from this world that would love to see all of you die a very painful death.  When you are quick to say, the powerful
statement of “let’s get out of Afghanistan”, you should load up your suitcase
and go live there for a few months. After you see the children’s, farmers,
elderly lives we save and actually spend more than 1 hr reading a blog post
about it so you will see the economic improvements being made, the evil being
rid off and the potential they have. If you can live there, see all that and
still tell me we should leave, then perhaps you didn’t pack enough close for a
long enough stay.

Your servicemebers are doing exceptional things there, they
are motivated, they are a team side by side the Afg Army. We are winning, are
you doing your part to support them? Time for a CGar!

Another good article on Gen Petraeus and our efforts:


  1. Thank you Sir, the American people need to hear from boots on the ground, folks that have been there, done that, and will go back and do it again. I’ll pass this on and link to it on PF for those that have asked the questions you have addressed here. Appreciate you, all those with you and your families. There would be no United States Of America except for you all and those that came before you.

  2. I support the war in Afghanistan and I do like a lot of Afghans. I just can’t get over the fact that this war could’ve been over with several years ago before people starting screwing things up there. I’m just tired of seeing friends dying there.

  3. Sir:
    Before I begin, please allow me to express my appreciation for your site; and also, to thank you sincerely for your continued service to our Corps and Country…that being said, I’d like to present a point-of-view, then pose a question, in order to get your [and other – literate – readers’] opinions:
    It’s my understanding that we initially attacked and invaded Afghagistan – and otherwise killed in their hundreds, those unwashed, bearded shites of a throwback era – as a form of “punitive expedition” (to borrow a classical history term), for their role in the 11 SEP attacks… If that is so, then why ever are we expending so much time and treasure (the blood of our Corps and Countrymen)in “Re-constructiion” of that, that cesspit?! It and they, provide nothing to the world community in terms of socio-economic advancement, and serve only as a geographic barrier for whomever is participating in the “Great Game” of the moment…seems also that no one ever read Gen Lord Brook’s reports regarding his experiences in several expeditions there…Reconstruction?! Also rather seems analogous to putting lipstick on pigs and grafting tits on a corpse: Sure, we have the knowledge, skills and ability to do it – but why?! Pigs don’t care and the implants won’t be appreciated, let alone be viable…
    In closing, I thank you for allowing me to address this question on your forum, and I look forward to your response(s)…
    Semper Fidelis

  4. …hmmm – it seems that I’ve made an error: Specifically, it was Gen Lord Frederick Roberts, vice the above-mentioned Brooks [of a different clime and place], who wrote a series of monographs as well as a book based on his Army’s experiences during the Second Anglo-Afghan War…he essentially said that one’s expeditions should have good intelligence, and protect its flanks through bribes to the local militias paid through their leadership [but never too much or too little, to avoid real or imagined discontent], and that one must finish their missions’ tasks efficiently and timely…lest the local populations rise against you, because you’ve over-stayed your ‘welcome’…but I don’t s’pose anyone in command but maybe Gen Mattis – and none of the poliitical apparatchiks and hacks – have read this, or know who Roberts was…

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