We have added the "OMV Photographs" page on to our ring. If you look on the right hand column of this site you will see the new link. You can also click the picture in this post of the two Afghanistan children and that will take you there as wel.

I figure, I have so many photos that you havent seen yet, perhaps I can share some of my experiences through post and picture seen through One Marines View.

Time for a C-Gar!


  1. Really liked the Gallery and the music background is a cool touch. I am TEMPTED to try this myself with mybeautifuloregon.com….one of these days!

  2. Thank you Major, just outstanding, both the photography and the tracks you chose. That black and white of the long range patrol is one of those photos once seen will be remembered. The pictures of the women and children get to me every time. The village elder, the blacksmith, the ANA. Most of all the Memorial for those lost. Thank you again for bringing it all home to us.

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