I’m not sure about you, but here in the “free states” of
America I like being the bad ass country we use to be. Sure it’s great to go to
the aide of weaker countries when no one else will help or cant. Sure, it’s
awesome to allow anyone to come to this country (legally) as this is what makes
America special.

But tell me if I’m wrong here but back when we told the
British monarchy to shove it and began our own country, that’s when America was
cut to the point a great country and began the road to bad ass avenue.

Fast forwarding to WWI & WWII, (no knucklehead snot nose
puke maggot, that’s not the Wi game station) when you kicked America in the
shin you best get ready for an ass beating cause we were coming.  Other countries looked up to us back then as “where
the money is”…home of the free and the brave. Role models were fighter pilots,
and cowboys that wore white hats…the “Good Guys”. Now it’s punk ass singers and
drug popping sports players….sad.

There was a special element within those that founded this
country. They constructed this thing that started with “We the people” not hey
lets be gentle friendly and NOT piss anyone off mentality that has been growing
for decades now.  

We have so many warriors that have accomplished much more
than a batting record or point record in one day as a team leader or Gunnery
Sgt .  Do your kids know about these role
models?   Nope.  (thanks Mr press agent for NOT telling the
rest of the story). It’s a damn shame our future leaders (that’s you pot head)are
unknowing of such heroes that instill the same elements of those back in 1776
that declared their own independence.  The young rough guts that stare at the enemy
in that face and dare them to come out and fight are the “stealth heroes”. It’s
not just Marines but all branches of warriors are doing great things.  Male, female, pilots, artillerymen being
improvised infantry, MPs and the like.  Ask your kid if they can name any of the Medal
of Honor winners from Iraq or Afghanistan (click here and here for heroes)

I will be the first to look in the mirror to ask, what have
you done to make this country better? Now it’s your turn.  Do you celebrate the true meaning of the
Fourth of July or is it another excuse to screw off and be a bigger mouth
breather? Do you have pride oozing out of you when you put up your American flag?  I bet many of you are honest citizens that
work your ass off at a job your not to excited about. That’s ok, you are
contributing to society. However, there is always that ten percent that don’t want
or care about contributing to this country. To those I say pound sand and don’t
let the door hit you in the ass because frankly the founders of this country weren’t
asking what can the country do for me.

I have faith this country will be the greatest again because
frankly we aren’t the same country we were a few decades ago. We do have “stealth
heroes” among us though America that will help make this possible. Yes, they
are cut from the block of our for fathers and I have seen them in combat and
frankly this fourth of July, I will be proud to honor those past and present,
that truly make this country, independent.

Semper Fidelis- oh you know it’s time for a stoagy!!


  1. Thank you for speaking my mind! You dotted every i and crossed every t. Major Pain you are a man on a mission that I support 110%! Keep up the fire!

  2. Well said. As a teacher I try to smack some of the cobwebs clear and instill a little pride.We say the Pledge Allegiance EVERYDAY. I get the kids to write letters, do artwork, and have even gotten other teachers involved in helping me support guys and gals downrange. These kids are the few that give me hope.

  3. Thank you for saying what needs to be said. Damn good point about the MOH winners, every one in this country should know their names (thanks for nothing, liberal media). I know that there are still fine young people that will step up to the plate, but they are the minority. That’s the scary part. Keep putting it out there for us, Major. I’ll follow you into the lions mouth any day. Semper Fi.

  4. Unfortunately, the close US Supreme Court 5-4 Second Amendment decision upholding our individual right to bear arms this week tells us that our Bill of Rights is hanging by only one thin thread. Destroying our Bill of Rights by activist Supreme Court Justices will change our country forever.

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