Monday has come and gone. What was your response as you
looked yourself in the mirror before you hit the rack? Only you can answer that
one.  In case it wasn't exactly like you
wanted there are ways to help yourself get to where you want to be.

 First, get organized. It’s not a ground shaking
idea, actually very easy. I tend to a binder kind of guy. If I have a bunch of
info I need to track pertaining to a larger topic, get some dividers and organize
them in a way that help you quickly reference them when needed.  In the book “American Soldier” by Retired
General Tommy Franks, he would utilize index cards to get organized.

He would write 5 challenges that he thought he would face on
one side of the card and on the other side of the card he would write 5
opportunities that may arise the next day. By doing this it made him
successfully prepare for approaching challenges and have
solutions/opportunities loaded.

 Second, have a plan and then develop
a plan “B” when you plan goes to hell. 
Murphy’s law is always present and has a size 12 foot that will step all
in your business. If it can go wrong, it probably will. If you can identify
friction points and violently attack them your one step closer to success.

Third, don’t
ask anyone to do anything for you that you either haven’t already done for
or know how to do. By being an enlisted Marine before an
officer this paid in full as there were many times young Marines wouldn’t know
exactly why we were doing things until a little later, and then it would click
in their head.

yourself with people that have the “can do “attitude.
 A short and easy reading book  called "a message to Garcia” is a point blank
book that describes a short story of the “can do” I will not fail, I will
succeed attitude.

“In all this Cuban business there is
one man stands out on the horizon of my memory like Mars at perihelion. When
war broke out between Spain & the United States, it was very necessary to
communicate quickly with the leader of the Insurgents. Garcia was somewhere in
the mountain vastness of Cuba- no one knew where. No mail nor telegraph message
could reach him. The President must secure his cooperation, and quickly.

What to do!

Some one said to the President,
"There’s a fellow by the name of Rowan will find Garcia for you, if
anybody can."

Rowan was sent for and given a letter
to be delivered to Garcia. How "the fellow by the name of Rowan" took
the letter, sealed it up in an oil-skin pouch, strapped it over his heart, in
four days landed by night off the coast of Cuba from an open boat, disappeared
into the jungle, & in three weeks came out on the other side of the Island,
having traversed a hostile country on foot, and delivered his letter to Garcia,
are things I have no special desire now to tell in detail.

The point I wish to make is this:
McKinley gave Rowan a letter to be delivered to Garcia; Rowan took the letter
and did not ask, "Where is he at?" By the Eternal! there is a man
whose form should be cast in deathless bronze and the statue placed in every
college of the land.

It is not book-learning young men
need, nor instruction about this and that, but a stiffening of the vertebrae
which will cause them to be loyal to a trust, to act promptly, concentrate
their energies: do the thing- "Carry a message to Garcia!"

You, reader, put this matter to a
test: You are sitting now in your office- six clerks are within call.

Summon any one and make this request:
"Please look in the encyclopedia and make a brief memorandum for me
concerning the life of Correggio".

Will the clerk quietly say, "Yes,
sir," and go do the task?

On your life, he will not. He will
look at you out of a fishy eye and ask one or more of the following questions:

Who was he?

Which encyclopedia?

Where is the encyclopedia?

Was I hired for that?

Don’t you mean Bismarck?

What’s the matter with Charlie doing

Is he dead?

Is there any hurry?

Shan’t I bring you the book and let
you look it up yourself?

What do you want to know for?

And I will lay you ten to one that
after you have answered the questions, and explained how to find the
information, and why you want it, the clerk will go off and get one of the
other clerks to help him try to find Garcia- and then come back and tell you
there is no such man. Of course I may lose my bet, but according to the Law of
Average, I will not. (

 Fifth, your youngest (Marine) employee, assist, etc is the most important
person of your organization.
Take care of them like they are family and
focus your efforts with them in front. They will take care of you. You have to care
and this kind of care only comes from the heart. You can’t fake it, they will
see right through you. (I would tell my Marines, there are no frauds in combat
operations….you get to see the person your with in true fashion as they really
are. Good & bad.) If you have to fake your legit care for them, you should
look in the mirror and figure out why you have to fake it. I saw a manager
outside the military make his strolls through his organization and conduct
conversation with his fellow employees. The kind of conversation that showed he
gave a shit. Not just the” I’m going to ask how your family is” B.S. but
genuine conversation that came from the heart. Although the general manager
perhaps didn’t realize what he was doing but he instantly made a force
multiplier towards both of their common goal. If your youngest coworker is
suffering working over time or on a tough project and they see you with your
sleeves rolled up next to them, they know they aren’t at it alone and you just
showed them a leader.

Not all of us are in jobs that we like. Hell, I use to wake up Sunday morning
and be a bear because I knew I had to go into work on Monday and I really didn’t
like what I was doing at the time….so I volunteered to deploy again and was
very happy (but that’s another story). 
Point is, if you don’t like what you’re doing, change it and do what you
like. As a Marine, I love my job and although would prefer doing other things
besides working, I love my job.  Hopefully
the above helps. Take a minute, read them, hell, read it again tomorrow and
then again in a week. You will do great things!

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