– – Me and all that is me; a person; a commission of one. An American.

– – My word of honor, give all that is mine selflessly and freely.

Allegiance – – My duty, my obligation, my job. Loyalty.

To the Flag – – Our flag, the American symbol that represents freedom
and demands respect to all who see it. The white that represents purity and
eternity, the blue embodies the deepness of the American spirit and the red
show the never-ending brave and determined heart of its men and women who have
defended it. 

– – One American Team, One American Fight. Regardless of race, gender, or where
you were born. All moving in the same direction.

States – – Fifty united areas that govern and work differently from
each other but come together for the same cause and country.

And to the Republic – -An organization chosen freely by the people to serve the
people with a supreme power to help the people. With the people to the
government, not the government to people.

For which it stands – proud of all that it represents

One Nation – – One Country, UNDER GOD.

Indivisible – – impossible of separation.



– –


, freedom to do as one wishes
without being decapitated or killed.

And Justice – – The integrity or impartiality you deserve.

For All – – For All, not just one group, but everyone period. 

(By Red Skelton)

I thought about the pledge and what
it really meant to me. It’s a plug for some “comedy” shows when they ask people
if they can say it and the “Americans” they ask, can’t get past the first word.
It’s a sad day when the ones who have the freedom due to others dieing to
protect it don’t even know what they really have. I would call that a disgrace!

For you teachers out there, ask your
students what the pledge means word by word. Yes, that means they will have to
say it in school, probably several times over and over!

Ohh your students don’t speak
English?? Ive made it easy for them to learn it by providing different version
for them to say in the comments section. Its called the English version!

Semper Fi & God Bless


Time for a C-Gar for those who make this country what it is!



  1. No Don, This is by Red Skelton, that’s why his name is below what he wrote. I wrote the paragraph following what he wrote. In glad we didn’t have an english language debate back in Reds days…thanks for your concern.

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