It’s hard not to wonder why an event happened or why something
that you thought was going to happen didn’t. 
There were many times while deployed I thought…why? Why do these young
children have to live like this or why did that Marine walk where he did when
he got wounded? We would reassure new Marines in our own Marine fashion by
telling them, “focus on your job, don’t become complacent and when it’s your
time, it’s your time, you’re not going to stop it so why worry about it?”

I’m sure there are many instances and situations that all of
us have experienced that we don’t understand why they happened. Many times they
are the negative sort but look back and think about the positive or out of the
ordinary events that happened that made you ask why? As you look back perhaps
if you didn’t ask “why” perhaps now you should. There were many times I have
looked back and wondered how I didn’t get a scratch when others near me were
wounded or why one day I walked a certain route other than the usual route and didn’t
get injured when rounds impacted.

There have been many times events happened and I didn’t agree
with them or think it was a good thing. However, in the long run and in
retrospect, they turned out to make sense if not at the time, later on….some
still don’t make sense but perhaps they will eventually.  I personally try not to “break the code” but
have faith that it will all work out and if the situation is negative I try to dissect
they positive and press on.

I guess if you look at events that happen through your life,
good and bad they all eventually fall into line and make a difference for
yourself in one way or another. You can’t begin to understand why, you’re
wasting your time if you try to dissect it or second guess it but one thing is
for sure, EVERYTHING HAPPENES FOR A REASON and what you do immediately following
these events, matters most.


Time for a stoagy…Keep attacking, the week is almost done.


  1. Thank you Major, great post, appreciate your attitude it keeps me motiviated to keep on keepin’ on!
    Romans 8:28-39

  2. Good Morning Major,
    I have asked myself the same questions many times and looked for answers. The answer I always found is to learn from what happened, take knowledge from it, pass the knowledge on to younger Marines.
    Sometimes bad things happen. We just have to have the intestinal fortitude to put our boots back on the ground and keep humping.
    Young Marines need to see that resilience in their leaders, from NCO’s to Staff and Officers.

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