So its Monday…..sniff boohoo …stop yer blood clot crying and
FOCUS damn it. Yes I know you are thinking you are the least productive right
now and this and that and frankly no one wants to hear your moaning. Suck it up
sally and get to work.

Things will look better once today has ended. Those things that
“stress” you out, dissect and organize a plan to accomplish them or finish
them. Stop turning a blind eye and dreading it.  Get control of those things that bother you
and make a plan to take care of them before someone else does. If you don’t, someone
else will.

Kill off the easy things first, then bear down on the more difficult.
“but it’s too hard ….and there is this and there is that…..uh for all that is
holy…have some dignity, stand up for yourself and get er done.  

Over the weekend we knocked out some chores in the
blistering heat and occasionally I heard…”I’m tired” and “it’s too hot”….then I
asked, how do you think those warriors in combat feel when they are too hot or
tired?? Do you think they can have a pity party? Do you think they quit because
they didn’t get enough sleep?  Attitudes
changed after that and we got our tasks done. 
No one promised you a rose garden sweet heart. Look yourself in the
mirror tonight with a cigar and answer yes, I did my best.  


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