ANA Army

Throughout my last few deployments to Afg & Iraq I have
seen the local military grow and proper which results a direct monitor of the progress
of that country. My first deployment to Afg, there was little sign of an Afg Army.
Now current time the Afghan National Army (ANA) has prospered and is recruited,
trained and taught by US forces.

US Marines and Army are embedded along with the ANA to
continue the teaching process however; the ANA is continuously winging off of
the US advisors and continue to grow as a military force. Along with the
injection of US tactics and weapons they have grown to a competitive force.  Unlike many US forces, the Marine Corps
welcomes the ANA with open arms, has them live among the Marines, eat with the
Marines, learn with the Marines and become a part of the team (TEAMBUILDING-ONE
TEAM-ONE FIGHT).  If you bring them aside
you, have them shadow your moves, they learn and eventually excel to your level
of performance. They want to learn, they are motivated and they want to defend
their country and fight what is wrong, however getting there is just the part
of the challenge. 

Great strides have been made by the ANA to the point they
are defending regions of AFG in ways Americans cannot. With their cultural
advantage, they can see things Americans cannot to include different
nationalities or signs that look the same to Americans. It is easy for them to
pick out possible IED sites that look out of place to the average ANA soldier
but would be transparent to the Marine.

With the USMC completely devoting their efforts to the
counter insurgency operations (COIN)and advancing the ANA, their efforts in
defeating the enemy are tripled in a much shorter timeframe and thus is a
reason the Marine Corps has been so successful in the COIN operations in Afg.  In parallel to conducting COIN operations,
building the ANA is a long range solution that continues long after US forces
have departed.

In many cases already, the ANA has captured or killed enemy
operators without the assistance of American forces. Although this is a result
of their recent advancement, it is truly a sign of the growth of the ANA and
the country in a very positive way.


  1. Thank you for all you write. My son is headed over there. It’s always good to read some of what is going on there from a someone who’s much better at telling it than the media.

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