Dads are awesome! Ya only get one…usually…What to get dad
for Fathers Day has plagued the world for centuries (a tie is not the
answer).  There is the always the desired
golf clubs or extend loaded magazine for his pistol, or for that matter a 1911
Colt 45 is a nice idea…just saying….as I’m a .45 guy myself.  A nice fishing charter in the wide ocean…or  for Marine dads a nice box of cigars (Punch
for the beginners, LaGloria series R #7 for the rot guts. Nonetheless even if
you don’t get “Dad” something , or even if you haven’t talked to him in awhile
for whatever reason….call him and tell him Happy dads day. If your dad is gone,
when the time is right, just think about him and he will know.

To all dads everywhere and in combat, Happy Dads day, June

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  1. Good one, Major. I too am a .45 guy myself and that trait comes from my dad who died in ’69 while serving on Okinawa. Worked on B-52’s. He was a hunter and a car guy and passed those genes to me. I think of him often, even though I was only 8 when he passed, and sometimes have a hard time remembering him. But this fathers day I will spend time with my children and grandchildren and tell them of the man they never met. My dad. Semper Fi.

  2. My dad passed away when I was 6 (Agent Orange) and every day I think of him but fathers day I think of him in a whole new way. Dads rock!

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