Had a hoot participating with many at the 2010 Rolling
Thunder motorcycle ride in Washington DC this weekend. Well over 200,000 bikes
(short of last year) as rain threatened but never appeared. At noon a low fly
over of a B-52 started the riders as the masses made their way to the DC Mall “loop”
around the capital and back down to the mall.

There were mostly Vets riding but many that were there
simply to support. Very cool people and from all ages and characters. At one
time a small crew of rough looking individuals past by with the colors on their
backs “ Leatherneck Nation”. Sporting Mohawks and tats I had to ask……”Hey
buddy, what’s with the Leatherneck Nation”. 
After stopping and giving me the “look” he continued to explain they
were all Marines at one time or another and were being joined by club members from
all over the nation. I asked How to join…that’s another story though. After chatting
for a bit and hanging out in the shade as we shared war stories it turned out
as expected and although Marine brothers from different wars, we were again
Marine brothers all the same…..pretty cool.

After the bikes began to roll I wasn’t ready for the overwhelming
pride spectators were giving us in support on the sidewalks linning the DC
streets. Awesome. Vets supporting Vets, and a special thanks to Marty at
AnySoldier for riding along with me. Many of the tanned faced hard core riders
had heard of the website and were all about supporting deployed warriors. It
was a win win event…..if you don’t have a bike, don’t go to Rolling Thunder….you
might come home with one. Til next year, I see you back in DC….on my bike.



  1. Don’t have a bike, just a cage… but still a proud Patriot Guard Rider… and many of the “Rolling Thunder” were some my So Cal buddies.. Great group of guys!

  2. We met the bike when we was young,I remembered that I was 7,just only I learnt it myself,long tome no using it.now we are walking,so we need to have a good sneaker,so link my name that some about nike dunk high for you.

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