After a short (not so much) seven months of kicking ass and taking names in Afg….I’m home. I’ve been laying low and smoking some nice cigars and taking it easy. You would be so very proud of your Marines as everyday was an excitement. Now, I wasn’t able to post much there for one, I was in a very remote outpost and two, we were busy kicking ass, but, I have a bunch of posts that are safe to post now. Sit back, take it easy and know, your Marines are safe and home! …………has the beer always been this cold???
Home flt


  1. Welcome home Marine! I am so glad you are home safe with your family and friends enjoying a cold one! You deserve it! Thank you for your uplifting stories! God Bless you!

  2. Welcome home! Been sharing your posts on my FB page and friends are loving them!
    Thanks for your service and glad you have returned safely.

  3. Welcome home, Sir! I was thinking just yesterday that maybe the lack of posts lately meant that you were on the way or here & enjoying. Glad y’all are back safe.

  4. Welcome home. Thank you for you service and for the insght you provide. So glad yo are home safely. Enjoy the rest.

  5. Major Pain, America got better when you & your Marines came home for a break.
    Thank you men for your fine
    commitment to us and we’re very
    glad your home.
    Dave in Mexifornia

  6. Welcome Home! Good to know you are back in the USA and home safe with your family! Remembering also your Marines “who more than self their country loved and mercy more than life” and their brave families. Each of you an inspiration for all of us to stay strong when the going gets tough! Thank you!

  7. Welcome Home!!! My son just got there, he has been in country for about a month….Will be keeping all Marines and military in my thoughts

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  9. Welcome home Major. Thank you for keeping us safe. Prayers for you and your guys. Flag will lowered to half-mast Monday for the ones who didn’t come home. Jude Bailey

  10. I’m a little late at this but better late than never! Welcome home! Thanks for all you and your men do! You all make me proud to be an American!

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