Afghans most innocent, protected by America’s strongest….the heroes daily task continues as it’s not always the extremist you run into. More often it’s these locals that get caught in the crossfire and try to make a living in this place. Be grateful for what you have.  They are…


  1. They truly deserve a chance at a safer, healthier life, and will never forget your protection and kindness.
    Sending cool breezes your way.

  2. Always enjoy reading your postings.
    We could use some of you warmer weather, furnace has been on for three days !!! Yikes…cold here in Ohio….
    You all stay safe and we thank you for all you are doing…
    Buckeyes in Ohio

  3. OK, I am giving up my age here…I remember reading many stories of Asians and Europeans who were in dire straits, sick and starving, and their lives were saved by our American GI’s; a candy bar, some c-rations, vitamins, some bread, cigarettes to sell or trade for black market food.
    Yes, Marine, those children will remember that you came and helped them. They will lead Afgnanistan and Iraq some day. They will remember you.
    YOU are the face of America and Americans for them.

  4. Thank you for your service. You are awesome. And, we appreciate the time you take to share your experiences with us! Cute pic of the kids! If you need items to hand out to the kids, let me know what to send and your mailing address! TEXAS Hugs! Alice Doster (Soldiers’ Angels)

  5. My favorite pictures Keith took in AFG are of the kids, with my absolute favorite a very dirty-faced little girl, in a precious red jacket, pulling the wrapper off of a blowpop one of our guys gave her. She’s looking at them without any fear, with awe, and thanks. Your picture, above, shows the same awe, thanks, and no fear of our guys. That wouldn’t happen if you all weren’t doing such a great job making sure they know that you’re there for THEM… not for our own self-service.
    Great to “talk” to you on livestream, MP! Be safe, and talk to you soon.

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