For all that is holy, it was hot today. We attended a few key leader engagements (meetings with locals) and when we came back my uniform was soaked. I’m not bitching, just describing it to you as there are hundreds of young studs out doing this daily without letting up. You know you are sweating when your boot laces are wet from the sweat running down your legs. I’ve downed 3 bottles of water and don’t have to go to the head….sorry kidneys.  Guess that pot of coffee this morning wasn’t the best call. A cigar should help…

Your Marines continue to chase the enemy. A savvy enemy at that but they aren’t very good. They get lucky sometimes but your Marines continue the relentless hunt that keeps the enemy looking over their shoulder. As your weekend approaches, take the time to look around and remember just how good we have it in America and know it’s up to all of us to keep it that way. Everyone can make a difference, us here and you there.  Look for the opportunity this weekend to make a difference.

During this weekend here (like any other day) we will concentrate on the enemy and keep the momentum going so the enemy will continue to look over their shoulder and wonder how we are going to make a difference to them.   (enjoying a nice topedo cigar from the cigarboyz-thanks fellas)


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