Your warriors continuing to punish the enemy on ground where the enemy once thought they owned. We continue to discover sometimes dozens IEDs a day compounded with the typical afternoon small arm fire engagement. We have continued to be successful because of the turn of events from local nationals aiding us and frequently telling us where IEDs are placed.

They are tired of the intimidation from the enemy and are risking threats to assist us. It’s paying off for them and us as the enemy continues to become frustrated. The morale of your Marines is high as like any Marine, they love hunting the enemy and the enemy hates us as once he engages us, because we relentlessly hunt him down so that it is his last opportunity to shoot at us. We recently conducted a respectful memorial for previous fallen warriors in a remote outpost. Prayers were said as the breeze blew the dog tags hung on the rifles. It’s how I’m sure the fallen would have wanted to be remembered as we listened to the music of “Amazing Grace”. Then accordingly, we paid our respects then donned our gear and patrols left the outpost to continue to punish the enemy on ground where the enemy once thought they owned.


  1. We proudly stand with all our military families across the world, and give thanks for all you do.

  2. aka MBH LOL LOL Good one, Maj!!
    We will be thinking of all of you as the sun rises on Easter, and give thanks and prayers for all you do. Safe journeys.

  3. Don’t know if you are in Marjah Maj.Pain, but if you are, say hello to my kid. He is the young 1stLt.with the 1st CEB who attached to the 3/6 for the battle of Marjah. I am missing him mightily this weekend!He is a good man and I am a proud mom. Semper!

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