Your Marines continue to kick butt. I’m enjoying a nice La Gloria, Series “R”number 7 stoag as I write this and the enemy is trying to figure what has hit them. Not only are the bad guys in a hurt locker but they can’t regain the momentum from our latest efforts against them.

Not only did we overwhelm them with our firepower, but we left a trail of civil affair contracts and area improvement actions behind as we pushed the bad guys back to the extent that they can't recover. It’s very difficult for the bad guys to match us toe to toe (non existent) nor can they inflict intimidation tactics against innocent locals when we are always in the area and show how we are here to make a difference and even more importantly the locals see it too.   The Marine's morale is high as it’s hard not to have positive attitudes when you get to kick the crap out of the enemy and make an instant impact in an area that was once shadowed by scumbags.

Your young warriors continue to impress as they take the fight to the enemy. Along with our efforts, the locals have continued to stand up against insurgents and inform us of the locations of IEDs and identify “outsiders” that don’t belong. This is a huge growth as now the people here are getting a belly full of the intimidation and threats and are beginning to push back.  That was the case as a local farmer that was ordered to grow his own crops and sell them to the enemy for dirt cheap prices. The bad guy came to the farmer and told him these were his crops now as they were matured and that he would work them for the enemy. The farmer shot the bad guy in self defense as the bad guy was going to kill him if he didn’t do as he said. This is huge! The locals are showing how they aren’t afraid of the big bad scary insurgents. Helps to have a Marine patrol coming through often though too.

With your continued support for us, we take that support and defend the innocent and chase the ugly. Thanks for that, you are making a difference and don’t even know it, but you truly are.

Helo’s are inbound.  Time to finish this cigar and get back to work  Keep attacking, America.  We are.

Semper Fidelis


  1. We know you’re doing great and good things, Major P! We’re trying our best to watch your backs. Prayers and good thoughts for all of you.

  2. As a Marine mom of two warriors, I am always happy to hear of the job our young warriors are doing. One of my sons will be over there soon to help out in the efforts.
    Keep Safe and keep kicking butt!!

  3. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.Your all in my prayers everday and your families.We are so proud of all our Warriors and I’m proud as an Amrican and Honored to call all of you my sisters and brothers.Thank you for all you do for us.Stay safe.

  4. Thanks you very much for what you do. Whithout you I don’t know where the world would stand. I know I have considered joining many times, but that is just consideration. At least you have the “balls” as I put it to put your life on the line. I thank you, and I hopefully will be able to repay you sometime in the near future.

  5. Gang, thanks for stopping by. Your Marines are taking to the enemy the past few days in the 90+ temps. Keep attacking!! Maj pain

  6. “Helps to have a Marine patrol coming through often though too.”
    I’ll say that’s an understatement!! Marines get it done! God bless our Marines!Thanks Major.

  7. Maj Pain, Thank You! Thanks for keeping us posted. I’m new to this site, and I owe it to our local paper (wilsoncountynews). My son is a new Marine (graduated last month) and has applied for Recon. Although, we are a little scared we back up his decission 110%. Keep Kicking Ass and bring yourself and our troups back home safe! Semper Fi !!! Tg in TX

  8. Bless you Major, and thank you for getting the real story out. Like Tony, I am the father of a young Marine, and I sleep better at night knowing the leadership is taking the fight to the enemy and working to make sure our fighting men and women LIVE FOR THERE COUNTRY!
    And BTW, I’m supporting a fine Marine in his bid for US Congress, link in my sig.

  9. The use of gun salutes for military occasions is traced to early warriors who demonstrated their peaceful intentions by placing their weapons in a position that rendered them ineffective.

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