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Combat operations have ebbs and flows.  Within a blink
of an eye there can be more activity and friction that you ever thought could
be present, then it grows even more. Usually those types of efforts have
results, good and bad. You can measure your past and progress and in our case
the result has been a success.

Everything has a price, usually a consumable one that can
never be replaced. In our efforts our gains have been paid for in blood,
however, the accomplishments of your young Marines have put the enemy in a hurt

We have been busy, really busy, but we are all doing the
things we enjoy, if that makes sense and things have been going very good. We
have had some losses but they all died as heroes.  The enemy has been
dealt a severe blow and was trapped like a dog. There has been fighting and
IEDs but nothing your young warriors can’t handle. I have seen boys
become men in the past few days and indescribable heroism, bravery, and passion
as they took the fight to the enemy. I am very proud of them all.



  1. Congratulations Marines on your decisive victory in Marjah. The US press of course is underplaying it. MP, your posts are one of the few sources of accurate information. More cigars going out to you tomorrow.

  2. High five to the United States Marines!
    Always has been, always will be the finest fighting
    force on the face of this Earth. Love ya guys! Keep
    being who you are.
    Yes, the coverage has been scant. Not enough to
    suit me.
    Big heart-felt waves of love from the homefront to
    you all!

  3. Been thinking of y’all the past few days. Sad news I’ve heard, but I’m awfully proud of all of you. I have every confidence y’all can handle whatever comes along. Big hugs and thanks from AL!

  4. Hey Pain-
    Melissa and I went to LCPL Peak’s visitation today. We wanted to make sure the family knew how much you care for the guys under your command, and how sincere you are when you speak about your men. They wanted you to know how much they appreciated us being there and speaking so highly of you and Adam.
    They looked good, all things considered, and so did the siblings. You would have been proud, Major. They will miss Adam, but they are proud of his service under you. I hope that brings you some level of comfort.

  5. We are so dang proud of you and all your Marines, I don’t even have the words to tell ya. And the ones that gave all will never be forgoten.
    I knew once you guys got in gear it would be all over for the baddies down there. You’re lookin a little thin in your last photo, need more Reeces?

  6. Sir, I just wanted to come by and say “Thank you for all you do everyday” so we can live our lives in safety and freedom. I tip my hat before you sir. May God bless you and all your brothers in arms. You are heroes in the truest sense of the word. May God bless you all.

  7. I dedicate this poem to all of our brave Marines
    I will not forget…
    You spill your blood on distant sands,
    Endure enemies on hostile lands,
    You hold our freedom in your hands,
    Yet so many still don’t understand!
    The sacrifice that you have made,
    Wounds that never seem to fade,
    Painful memories with you stay,
    The costly price you have to pay!
    Too many have been laid to rest,
    They are among the very best,
    Brave soldiers pass the test,
    For you we are so blessed!
    Past, present, young or old,
    So many stories left untold,
    Your lives worth more that gold,
    May our freedom not be sold!
    Forgotten you will never be,
    For this American can see,
    The high cost of liberty,
    The price you paid for me!
    In my heart it is set,
    I am in your debt,
    Even though we have never met,
    I will not forget!
    By Elda Clevenger
    February 10, 2009

  8. Elda….
    That is AWESOME!
    What a beautiful and very deep touching poem..
    I’m sure it will touch the Major deep in his great heart and his very special Marines. You sure got mine.
    Thank you and God Bless.
    Our Marines will NEVER be forgotten!

  9. It was an honor and privilege to be able to attend the visitation for LCpl Peak. With the large flags lining the walkway to the building, and the Patriot Guard standing at attention inside, it was obvious someone very special was being honored. The number of people who came to pay their respects was incredible.
    Later in the day I found out that a good friend works with LCpl Peak’s mother. So, we attended the funeral together the next day. To me, one of the most touching parts of the service was the messages sent from LCpl Peak’s fellow Marines. Their words brought both laughter and tears. It became clear that he forever touched their lives in a positive way.
    During the service I couldn’t help but to think of Patton’s words “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.” LCpl Adam Peak made the world a better place, and for that, we will always be grateful.
    May God bless him, his brother, and their family.

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