Shit happens fast and before you know it things have changed for certain that cannot be changed back. You must never take for granted what you are doing. For, what you are doing is consuming resources that you only get a limited supply of. Stop and look at what you are doing. Is it really what you should be doing? Are you doing what you really want to do or have to do at this time?

When we lose a warrior, a part of you goes with them. You may not have known everything about him or known his favorite color but you do know he is a Marine and willing to sacrifice everything to make something bad better and make a difference. Unfortunately, in the line of work we do, sometimes that is exactly what happens. I cannot imagine the heart ache of those who lost hundreds in one day in previous wars. I can only imagine their will to continue and to sharpen their steel that much more to ensure those warriors sacrifice was for not.

I can tell you first hand, although tragic and inconceivable, of the pain experienced by the fellow family members when their loved one is lost, I know their sacrifice is not wasted. The enemy here despises us as we are kicking the living dog shit out of them. It’s not the superior technology in this type of war that wins, it’s the Marine conducting the light infantry skills he was born to know. We continue to cut off the enemy's decision making ability faster than they can make it, find IED cells while processing materials and destroying them before 90% of them ever make into the ground, and of those 10% that make it into the ground, we find over 80% of those before they are detonated.  The enemy capitalizes on the coward ways of indiscriminate tactics like IEDs that wound innocent kids, and when they do muster enough intestinal fortitude to face us one on one they shoot from behind innocent civilians.  Know your young warriors utilize the utmost discipline and skill to bring the wrath onto the enemy and when they have them in their sights, it’s not the stealth aircraft above, the millions of dollars in technological equipment, it’s the smart young warrior that hunts the enemy down and doesn’t allow them to escape. 

Your Marines are doing this every single day here. Despite the challenges both physical and mental as seen in the above tactics, your young warriors are winning in the counter insurgency fight. The enemy cannot stand toe to toe with the young Americans and they are learning that the Marines are a professional, dedicated fighting force that they would rather not tango with.

From the smiles of children walking down a street of a recently liberated village to the compassion of our young Marines that tend to those same children after recently slugging it out with the enemy, I often ask “Where do we get such men?"  Such men that will sacrifice themselves to protect others they have never met? To demonstrate a nearly inconceivable wrath of weaponry onto the enemy and in a split second later help a young child or elderly man out of the street, sometimes even before the battle is over?

He is a Marine and willing to sacrifice everything to make something bad better off and make a difference. They will not be forgotten. Semper Fidelis.


  1. How right you are – our hearts are broken when we hear of a loss – true Americans will never forget their sacrifice and that of the families.

  2. “Life has a certain flavor for those who have fought and risked all that the sheltered and protected can never experience”–John Stuart Mill.
    As one of those who has been protected by men and women like you I can never know what you have experienced…but I am ever grateful that you rose to the occassion and put your life before ours. Every loss is a personal one in a way because you are all a part of our American family. Thank you and all those with your for serving our country!

  3. You said it, brother. Just wanted to mention that sometimes those young Marines are women, too – I’m a former Lioness from the days before it was called that, and I’ll be recommending this column to all my sister and brother Marines. SEMPER FI!

  4. God bless the marines and all the other branches that are keeping us safe. Tears came to my eyes as I read this post. As the wife of a Vietnam Vet, I know well the hurt of losing those men and women who give their all. Keep doing what you’re doing. Jude

  5. I too am a wife of a Vietnam Vet. It is gratifying to know each generation has put forth their best to protect us. God bless you all! Mary Kay
    Thanks for the updates, it good to hear what is going on from such a great source and not from the news media. Keep up the good work!!!!

  6. Our hearts are with all of you in successes and losses. We will always honor and remember the fallen, the wounded, and their families.
    We think now, not only of the brave men and women serving in our war against terror, but those who have been deployed to Haiti who also face hellacious tasks and adversity.
    Thank you ALL for making such a difference in our lives.

  7. I just stumbled across your blog and I am so happy I did. My nephew is currently in country (in 3/6 Weapons). I will be sure to follow your blog from now on! Thank you for everything you are doing for us.
    God Bless You and God Bless America!
    Semper Fi.

  8. “If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand.”
    I saw that on a t-shirt a long time ago, referencing motorcycles. I think it fits here as well. Some folks don’t understand. Thnnk God for those who do.
    Semper Fi.
    Lt. B’s dad

  9. I too just discovered this blog and am blown away by the sheer courage that our Marines are displaying in the face of danger and horrid living conditions. It is very pleasing to see that our beloved Corps is in good hands. Thank you Major for all that you and your Marines are doing, we don’t hear about it because it’s not bad news. Semper Fi…

  10. Very true! Thank you for all you do on our behalf…even to the point of sacrificing your lives. My prayers are with every single one of you and your families daily! This is a post that everyone in America should read…so many have sadly lost perspective on why you stick your necks out for us day after day.
    God bless and keep you!

  11. Semper Fidelis, Marine.
    Been following this site for a while and I am always in awe of the caliber of Men and Women in our Armed Forces.
    As a father of a Marine currently in Helmand Province, I thank you all for all that you do.
    God bless you and keep you safe.

  12. Major… After the news today my heart is heavy with sadness as I know yours is also.. My prayers to the families and to you and your fellow Marines..
    God Bless!

  13. I would like an answer from “your Marines” to this question:
    How come that Iraqis are your enemies? Did they attack your country?
    Also, I have this question: If Chinese or any other aliens invaded USA with hi-tech overwhelming powers, would Your American marines and 20 yrs heroes defend their country against the invaders? or the marines would be dubbed “bad guys” by the invaders and made it their mission to eliminate them? will you cheer the invaders for this?

  14. Thanks ALL for stopping by & commenting.
    If you invade America, regardless who you are, you will face “my Marines”….no Iraqi’s ar enot our enemies bright one, many Marines died for them, and yes America’s Marines and any other red blooded American would defend if Chinese…or…aliens attacked….awesome…Semper

  15. MAJ Pain,
    As an ex-Chair Force weenie, thanks for all that the Marines do. Sure, I braved the harsh North Dakota winters to keep the Minuteman missiles “in the green”, but what YOU and your Band of Brothers did and still do is WAY above what I was able to contribute!
    Semper Fi !!!

  16. If I may step in and be so bold, I must ask you Iraqi, please don’t be a dumbass. Last time I ask nicely, though. You obviously have no idea what the hell is going on in the country of Iraq, or you would not have embarrassed yourself here with that stupid question.
    Thanks for playin’.

  17. Iraqi, if our nation was being run by someone like Saddam Hussein and his sons, and our people were being oppressed as the Iraqi people were …
    … and another nation invaded America to throw the dictators out and work with the Iraqi people to establish rights-respecting governance in the nation, as we did with the Iraqi people …
    … not only would I cheer the invader on, I think many of these Marines would too … and join with the invader to finish the job … for such an invasion is LIBERATION.
    Then again, these Marines would probably act to prevent such a dictatorship from being established in the first place … for their loyalty is to the very Constitutional governance that the dictator would be overthrowing.
    The moral equivalence you seem to be mired in is so 20th Century.
    Open your mind, and gain wisdom.

  18. Major, the Marines you describe are the epitome of what I call “precision-guided ruthlessness” … which is not a technological description, but a description of the resolve and moral discernment that facilitates the quick switches between extending a helping hand and kicking ass … with the precision accuracy that not only wins wars, but establishes peace.
    No Better Friend.
    No Worse Enemy.

  19. … and another nation invaded America to throw the dictators out and work with the Iraqi people to establish rights-respecting governance in the nation, as we did with the Iraqi people …

  20. By invoking God’s blessings on those in our military, are we not invoking a religious jihad of our own and in our name? What makes us think our cause is more morally right, just and correct when done with God’s blessings than of those who take up arms against an invasion and occupation of a foreign military on one’s own soil in the name of their God? No matter what religion or God one might believe in, believing God is on your side in the performance of ones “duties” on behalf of a country leads just as surely to terrorism either way.

  21. I cannot imagine the heart ache of those who lost hundreds in one day in previous wars. I can only imagine their will to continue and to sharpen their steel that much more to ensure those warriors sacrifice was for not.

  22. we mustered locals, silenced crowds and educated locals to ensure they understood that the enemy is desperate and apparently has no respect for their holy book or religion as they destroy it during lies against their own people.

  23. Very inspiring and motivating article!
    Thank you SO much for sharing your ideas an emotions, that’s what I needed most of all lately.
    Everything happens for a reason.

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