Are we making a difference? We have been in country for
some time now. We have seen the area go from bad to good in weeks. Local
nationals defending what is theirs against an intimidating enemy, which is a
huge step for the evolution in the area. To have a local populace stand against
an armed enemy and defend what is theirs is a key step in victory as it was in
Iraq.  The enemy is getting desperate and now with a visible surge in
effect, many enemy are wondering what to do next.

Your Marines are relentlessly hunting down the enemy and
defeating them where they thought they owned the area.  Continuous actions
by your Marines pressure the enemy to the point to where they get scared and
make mistakes. When they make one mistake, they don’t get a second
chance.  The enemy is savvy, but not real skillful. They resort to guerrilla tactics and desperate measures that use civilians as their protection.
Real brave.

Know that your Marines are courageous and wicked smart. Brave
and disciplined to the point they take abuse in order to save the innocent. Many
will never know how your young Marines have sacrificed to save the innocent and
with a flip of a switch, unleashed holy hell onto the enemy when required. A
force  unmatched, a force to be reckoned with.  I am very proud of
every one of them, as they make a difference.  Time for a stoagy….


  1. You know you always make a difference to us!!…and all of you make a difference to those you help…and in a nastier way to the enemy!!
    Thank you for doing what you do!!
    More stoags on the way!

  2. That’s great progress! It is very difficult for the locals since they get visits from the insurgents at night for cooperating with the Americans. They must really believe in you if they are standing up to their enemies.

  3. “a force unmatched, a force to be reckoned with.” I love you guys and am so proud of all you do, all you have done, and all you will do in future efforts.
    You are the best!

  4. Thanks for that post. A young Marine from a town near us was killed last Saturday by a roadside bomb and it is good to know that he died protecting freedom for us and for them.
    My Marine Mama’s heart thanks you and your men.

  5. Thanks for the bloggy update, B. Very happy to see you’re doing well! I’m sure the coffee IV and stoags are helping;)
    Many thanks to you and your men for what you’re doing. Lots of mail on the way. If you need anything else, just holler.

  6. I swear I love all of you that put your life on the line daily for US. You guys rock! This post made me tear up because as a daughter of a Marine who lost his life many years ago, I know what pain and sacrifice they (The men and women Marines) go through, as well as their families. But YES – it makes a HUGE difference….Thank you!
    “Commitment Never Dies”

  7. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for ALL that you do and have done to protect this great nation of ours.
    Your returning brothers and sisters need your vote. LifeQuest has created an effective program called EaglQuest that is designed to Re-ignite the fire of soldiers who are experiencing difficulty transitioning back into an emotionally and physically safe place. LifeQuest is currently participating in a contest (Pepsi Refresh that will help us to raise the money we need to help as many wounded warriors as we possibly can. Please go to the following link
    Vote once everyday till the end of this month. Then tell EVERYONE that you know by whatever means.

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