The other night as we concluded
the day, two patrols were under attack and fought off a small group of enemy.
Relentlessly pursuing the enemy when we find them they continue to realize we
are a force to contend with. With the kinetic operations being conducted on one
hand, a surgeon gets notified that a local national is suffering from a
separate unrelated  injury and is losing a lot of blood. The weather is
past deteriorating and is now terrible. Fog so bad you couldn’t see 10
feet ahead of you with drizzle. The docs worked their magical touch and was
able to stabilize the local national with professionalism within their bombed
out stone structure. The relatives of the injured were very grateful for the
doctors help. We planned to medevac the patient but as we tried the first
section of aircraft had to wave off because the weather. A more specialized
aircraft was brought in and the crew asked us the status of the patient because
he was willing to sacrifice the crew to come in, totally blind. After knowing
the status of the patient our docs said they will keep her alive throughout the
night and we waved off the last medevac even though they migh
t have been able to
get in.


The docs stayed up all night and
conducted superb medical attention so that the local national would live. Come
morning, the fog was still there just as bad but the local national’s
condition had improved. The docs had pulled her through the night and she would
live to see another day.


I’ve seen dozens of events
like this and know from first hand how your Marine warriors and Navy warriors
are taking the fight to the enemy both kinetic an non kinetic.


Semper Fi


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