I was able to get my weekly shower today, if I needed it or
not.  Your Marines continue to take the fight to the enemy and keep them off
balance.  Thanksgiving has come and gone and we all have a lot to be thankful
for as young studs keep the bad guys away from innocent civilians throughout
the area.

Your warriors are hooking and jabbing with bad guys that
believe they can scare off your fighting Marines. ….well, they have
another thing coming! Patrols are relentless, the weather is getting colder and
morale is high. If I have to hear another news article about how your warriors
morale is bad I’m gonna puke.  Apparently they aren’t talking to
warriors here in country because your Marines work their butts off daily and
then go out for more. Thousands of miles away from home, equipped with the best
gear possible on the planet, they march directly into the bad guys and make
them have a very bad day. So if you happen to read some tree-hugging report
about this and that and boo hoo they don’t have this or that, its
BS….and most importantly, the ones doing the fighting, are feeding off of

The dirt is everywhere, showers are over rated and sleep is
a crutch. Having a bad day? Just think of the 20 yr old out doing
America’s great work over here, day after day and kicking butt! Yer day
just got a whole lot better huh? Before you jump on the finger pointing parade,
write one of these warriors and get it firsthand….otherwise keep quoting
some reporter who is stating his opinion about morale vise facts.

Time for another cigar–Semper




  1. Demoralized? The only thing that demoralizes a Marine infantryman is a basic load of ammo instead of a double issue!
    From a peacetime 0311 to all you guys, an Uh-Rah! and Semper Fi!

  2. Moto in a box! I heard that as of this morning (Friday) the Corps has opened a brand new can of whoop-azz on the bad guys. I’m praying for each and every one of you. Semper Fi. Lt. B’s dad.

  3. Nice to see my Marines holding the traditions of our Corps firmly to the standards of those who came before us. It could bring a tear to this old Marine’s eye.
    Semper Fidelis

  4. I’ve heard it said that these days, with all that has gone on in the last handful of years, only retards, dipsh!ts, dumb@sses, morons or droolers let the media make their opinions for them on anything.
    Keep on keeping on Major. Keep us folk stuck on the homefront up to speed so we can keep our place on the shieldwall too.
    Semper Fi, Sir.

  5. Major B to you and yours who are in the Kick Butt Business – we at home are in the support and prayer business! Not sure if you and yours are involved in the new offensive but if so we got you covered back here!
    From a Retired Navy Family member.

  6. I never thought much about what we owe our troops and veterans until my father, a WW2 vet, passed away in 2003.
    He and thousands of young men (and women) just like him laid down their own ambitions and dreams for the future and went to war so kids like me would have a safe, decent world to grow up in. Some volunteered and some went at Uncle Sam’s invitation, but the point is, like countless soldiers, sailors, and Marines before them, they went.
    Now, every scrap of liberty we still possess, every molecule of the air of freedom we breathe, we owe to them.
    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

  7. Thank you and bless you Major..
    Love you and pray for you all.
    We know our Marines don’t whine!Glad you got a shower.

  8. MAJ B, You tell your Marines that We are with them in Spirit All The Way and Them Some Every Single Day!
    Especially during All this Holiday rushing around.

  9. There has never been a doubt in this woman’s mind about the kick-ass and take names attitude of our fighting Marines! You all, are the bad guys’ worst dream come true!
    Keep on kicking ass Devildogs, and OOH-RAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~ We love and believe in you!!

  10. We had the same issues with the media in 04,fallujah.The reporters would pay locals to go in the hot zone and call them with info on the battles.The reporters never left the green zone or their recliners.The military chased down some of the reporters sources and found they were actually working for the scumbags.Their are very few reporters who will drop their martini’s,pull up their socks and follow a marine into battle.So screw the media I’ll get my stories here.God bless and be safe.Don’t forget to wash behind those ears.SemperFi

  11. Hey Major Pain,
    I have been reading your blog over the past month or so and I love it! Thank you so much for what you guys are doing over there!
    I have question for you. I am a senior in college and am doing my final project on military blogs. I was wondering if I could email you a few questions for my project? I have tried using your email link, but it is not working. Could have your email address, so I could send you my questions? Your help would be so appreciated!
    You are in my prayers and I believe in you guys!

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