Its been a freaking whirlwind to date. Getting ready to
deploy, staying, getting ready to deploy again etc, then finally departing.
Flying, no shit, around the world stopping in every third world country then
arriving in country and start moving again. Now we are somewhat stationary.

Mail has gotten better as has our way of life. We have improved
from Wag-bags (burning poop) to port a johns and we get two hot meals a
day…pretty damn good chow too.  Living conditions are austere, no salsa nights
here, just warriors patrolling their butts off and going where the enemy
thought they owned terrain. The bad guys don’t like us very much, but on the
contrary, the locals love us.  Are we making a difference?  Bet yer ass.  Email
is limited as you can tell by the amount of posts produced, been busy
supporting Marines.

Your Warriors are doing freaking outstanding things! You
won't hear much in the news but I can tell you they are not only putting the
fear of God into the enemy  & dealing with those that want to fight but at
the same they are helping the locals up by the hand and I can tell you compared to my
last deployment here in 2004, things are very different for the better.

Marines patrol non-stop and usually in deep mud and return soaking
wet only to bear the cold nights. They are heroes, young studs going directly
into danger with a grin on their face.  You got to love them! 

I have seen in the short time here the foundation that the
Marine Corps stands for. It's beyond "no better friend, no worse enemy."  It's built
of honoring your word to locals, defending off hard core fighters that hate and
intimidate the weak.  Traits found in every conflict the Marine Corps has fought
in are still solid today within our ranks.  Wicked smart leaders, nail strong
NCOs and they all have hearts as big as Texas that protect those weak and can
turn into your worst nightmare with a flip of a switch to deal with
insurgents.  Discipline, dedicated professionals within all the ranks that
have already made a difference in the short time here. I know all past/present
Marines would be proud of them. I sure as hell am.  More as time permits. Be
proud of your warriors, the bad guys are on the run.


  1. Major,
    It’s great to hear these encouraging words from you. It’s good to know that the Marine Warrior Spirit is alive and well in Afghanistan. Give ’em He**.
    Semper Fi

  2. I thank God for the Marines! I have many friends that were Marines and they have one thing in common – not to give up the fight. You are heroes in every sense of the work.
    May Semper Fi continue

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