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Happy Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day. I hope you can take a minute andappreciate your self. Yes, yourself. If you are receiving an e-mail from me, then you either were/are a warrior; or you support warriors. And it is thosetwo groups that keep our country safe.

Of course, my primary focus is on wounded warriors.  As most of you know, I am retired from the Marine Corps. And I have now created a new unit; a Team. Let's face it, I'm addicted to being part of a team.
Being by myself is just too weird. Sitting around all day watching soap operas….people who can do that are tougher.

My Semper Max Team has existed for quite a while. But now, it is time to
recruit. To do that, I have created T-shirts, ribbons, stickers and magnets.
Their goal is to spread the word. Recruit wounded warriors all over the
world.  Through all of them, there is only one basic symbol. The SemperMax Team.

The concept is pretty simple. Wounded/Ill/Injured/Goldstar Families (WIIG)
should join the team. Let's face it; being a WIIG stinks. Why do it alone?

So I have created a Warriors T-shirt in which I try; I say again, try; to
represent us. I could not include every problem, of course. Some people have
injuries inside. And they have no scars. That is a big deal to me.
Lower-level TBI and PTSD can have it just as bad. But I did my best. Thank goodness
Semper Toon helped me out.

The next T-shirt is for EVERYBODY who supports us. Corpsman, medics,
doctors, nurses, family, friends, donators, visitors….. on and on.

What is the money for, you might ask?

Missing 1: Togetherness- it's that simple. It cost money to travel. If every
member of the SemperMax Team lived in the same town, this problem would not

Why not just request donations, you might ask?
Donations are certainly welcome. If you are interested in that, there is a
on the website (PayPal). Or you can just mail it to
P.O. Box 969
Dumfries, VA 22026

But the overall reason that I have created a company instead of just taking
donations is coming. Let me just say that traveling, togetherness, is the
key.  Team gear is a very small part.

Please remember, T-shirts etc. are not the mission.  Passing the word for sharing time, sharing stories, sharing misery…. That is the mission. T-Shirts, magnets, etc. will help spread the word.
For other types of T-shirts, and other things , go to

Very Cool Website, for wounded warriors, created by wounded warriors.

Enough is enough. If you have read this far down, that's a good sign! Please
check it out.

TA Maxwell
LtCol USMC (Ret)


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