Try saying goodbye to your loved ones before you deploy.
Then try saying good bye 5-6 times after flights get canceled. It’s a gut check
from hell. Thinking you are departing then all of a sudden you are not.
Departing is hard enough for service members but even harder for families. Its
never easy….it never gets easier.


  1. It seems to be the way of deployments and the same coming home. Operation Welcome Home MD and their flights are constantly postponed…and the emotional roller coaster is hard to imagine for those serving and their families. My heart goes out to the families…the kids….for everyone. Stay safe….May God cover you all with His great love and protection.

  2. Oh Major I am so sorry for this. I can imagine the feeling. The night before my hubby left for Viet Nam, he had to stand duty. The last contact I had was through my car window as he ran out to say good-bye. He was there within reach; but not. There was no plane; they left by ship. It was Fort Hood in 1967; making last week’s chaos only more bitter for us. God be with you all.

  3. Having been there, done that, I know the feeling. But consider that the pain you and I felt is because you have a family that you cared enough about to call 5-6 times. As you were on the phone you no doubt noticed all those NOT calling anyone. It is for those Warriors that we (as you) care for best we can. Happy Veteran’s Day Major!!!

  4. Happy Marine Birthday to you Major and to all of your troops.
    May many any good-byes brings many hello[s] on your return.
    Keep the powder dry and your Butt down. Stay as safe as you can and may all return safely.
    Miss Em
    Austell, Ga.

  5. God Bless our beloved Veterans, our troops in battle and on bases, and their families everywhere. Thank you for your service. You are always in our prayers.

  6. Dear Maj.
    Whereever you are please accept the gratitude of my family and I on this Veteran’s Day. Your service and the sacrifices you and your family make 365 are deeply appreciated.

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