Marines departing 

Nothing easy about deploying. Nothing easy about saying good bye to your loved ones, in the rain with 49* temps.

They are Marines, they will do their job as they slip out in the cover of darkness. Only the family members are left behind to say goodbye, wipe their tears and wait for the next contact from their warriors. Above pic is of some of those heading off to war this weekend. Enjoy your weekend; they are going to keep the wolf at bay! Semper Fi


  1. Major…
    If this doesn’t bring it home and touch the heart..
    Our love and prayers and full support go with you all.
    Thank you and God Bless..

  2. A marine can be in no better hands,than with his brothers.I learned this from saying goodbye to my nephew,fallujah x 2..SemperFi

  3. My husband left at 3am in a cold windy night just over 21 days ago … I don’t think I’ll ever forget that night
    I pray every night for the safe return of all Marines…

  4. For loved ones now caring for our most severely wounded warriors, the Senate will soon consider legislation to help them. Senate Bill 1963, the Family Caregiver and Veterans Health Services Act provides counseling, respite care training and a modest stipend so our most severely wounded warriors can rehabilitate at home and avoid long-term institutionalization. Please contact your senators and tell them to vote yes on S. 1963:
    Thank you for your service!

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