It’s not just material items your sending to troops, no its much more. During one of my last deployments over Christmas, I had a Marine come from a family whose parents were dead and had no other family members. He had no one.

Christmas came around and I had an AnySoldier supporter send us some nice things. I took one and gave it to him. He looked at it, said thank you Sir and said this is the only thing I got for Christmas.  His entire attitude changed because he said now I know someone outside the Marines actually cares about me.


Cigars. I love em. They are not only breakfast but a tool. I like to get them from supporters and visit the Marines. I can give them to devildogs and begin chatting with them. Asking them where they are from if I don’t already know how their family is doing etc. The cigars are a defense reducer that allows me to “get in” to talk to Marines as we share the tobacco. It allows me to use them as a leadership tool. So when you send cigars, you are doing much more than sending tobacco, you are sending growth for young warriors.


  1. Sending boxes has become a weekly routine for me..have been sending for years now….they indeed love coffee and cigars….it doesn’t take much to make any of them happy…they are thrilled when a box arrives and how cool it is when it’s from a stranger….
    I hope everyone can send at least one box during the holidays or give a cash donation to an org. who supports the troops…remember they are all VOLUNTEERS…wearing the uniform proudly…HEROES THEY ARE !!!

  2. Someone tell me where to send things please. My father was Marine Raider in WWII and I will be grateful to be able to send things to our troops.
    Thank you.

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